Instagram ¦ 25

Jack loved the tire swing.

Liam is a little excited about his Halloween costume and wore it all day the day I brought it home.

I was trying to catch him rolling his eyes but this was close enough.

Sunrise over Reed’s Lake. And I got to share it with Liam who told me to stop and take a picture. Love him.

Pics from Monday’s concert… Ingrid Michaelson is so wee and so mighty.

The face of trouble… he was on my lap (in the driveway) pretending to drive the van. Um, no.

Jack loves picking his brother up from school which once again gives me hope they will be best buddies. Love his expectant face.

I got two hours to myself Saturday morning… granita from Kava, tunes from Pandora (Enya channel, best for studying) and diving into Philippians.

Fall is the perfect time for pumpkin chocolate chip muffins. Simon said they were better than my mom’s… he could have been lying but he is a good man.


One response to “Instagram ¦ 25

  1. Sure Simon is saying the truth about the muffins, they look delish from the screen 🙂

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