Golden Six

Another golden birthday to celebrate in our family – Jack is 6 on February 6! Six is pretty great – kids are just another thing that gets better with age (those of you waiting to tell me it also gets harder can just keep quiet). Six is also maddening – because stubbornness also seems to increase with age (now is the time the rest of you can tell me it gets easier). But, ups and downs as they are, I wouldn’t have Jack’s personality any other way.

Jack is:
1. spirited
2. witty
3. unapologetic
4. smart
5. tenacious
6. always surprising

From day one, my sweet baby, you have never lacked for personality or gumption. The side-trip to the NICU was hardly a blip on the screen, as was the return three weeks later when you had RSV – where the nurse noted you were quite chatty (still makes me laugh because you and your brother are both such talkers I think that’s one of the main reasons you get on each others’ nerves – both of you wants to be the one talking). Your fighting spirit is truly one of your defining characteristics… much to my joy and chagrin because tenacity cannot be turned on and off and often you direct that spirit at your dad or I and Lord help us, you will wear us down.

And you are so very smart. Always wondering about things, never letting us give a fluff answer to one of your inquiries and forever remembering what we have told you in the past. We had your conference yesterday and the teacher was laughing because she had just sent me an email giving you a glowing review after a visit from a gymnastics place, telling me how you were worried about your little hand and not being able to do things but then you were even able to swing on the bar and you were SO PROUD and realized yet again that you can do things you thought were too hard; but the teacher was laughing because literally seconds after she sent me that email, you were sent inside from recess for punching a female classmate (who also happens to be our neighbor). So that’s awesome. I asked her not to tell me any more good things until the end of the year, but she shared that you were also doing so much better with controlling your bad behaviors and were making excellent social choices (recess punching aside). Your father and I suspect that you – while definitely always instigating things – are also a little bored with kindergarten and would like more challenges (unlike your brother who would like everything to be easy, thank you very much).

You make me so proud, amazed, crazed and happy – I cannot imagine life without you in it – so glad you joined us six golden years ago! Now go eat a slice of cheese, a banana and a pancake – you promised you would start eating those foods now that you are six and I’m going to hold you to it (or not – we’ll see who has enough fight in them). Love you mucho!


One response to “Golden Six

  1. Nooo! Don’t tell me that stubbornness increases with age! I will have to send Avery to boarding school. Happy birthday, Jack!

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