About ememby

Hi there… so nice to meet you!
I’m Michelle, or ememby (the spelled out version of my initials, MMB). I am quite surrounded by boys. Here’s the lineup: Simon (the hubs), Liam (Snicklefritz), Jack (Jackers) and George (Georgie and also, shut-up-you-stupid-dog [he barks, a lot]). Simon and I have been married since 2005; he’s Australian and we met on a blind date set up by a mutual friend (you can find Jonna here). Yes, his accent is as dreamy as you would imagine, though it does come with the downfall of his teaching our children to say “zed” instead of “zee” for the letter “z.” Liam is eight and in 3rd grade and rarely stops talking (according to both his parents and his teachers and anyone who has ever met him, but they all say what nice manners he has so they will forgive the endless talking). Jack is 5.5 and seems to have more energy than the rest of our family combined; I adore him and he’s adorable but very often having him around is like trying to maintain control of a feral cat. George is our 9-pound black miniature poodle – our first baby – he’s a great dog, though a bit yappy (see nickname above) and needy but that goes with the poodle territory.

And then there’s me, along with being a mom, I’m also president and owner of a marketing communications firm – those two things by themselves make life busy. I love my family, my friends and my life – though they all come with their own set of frustrations. I owe all I have to God, though I could be much better about showing my gratitude. Other things I love: music, movies, cooking, coffee, reading blogs, books and magazines, watching awards shows, laughing, cilantro (and all good Mexican food, and even some of the bad), being creative, photography, road trips and vacations. I’m starting to love exercise more and food less, though given the choice, I’ll always pick something on a pretzel bun over twenty minutes on the elliptical. Things I do not love: squirrels and bats, the witching hour between dinner and bedtime, saying “no” to things for myself, parsley, NASCAR, current children’s cartoons, cleaning and pointless meetings.

Thanks for joining me here… I hope you enjoy what you read and I welcome your questions, comments and even your gripes. I, along with my blog, am ever a work in progress.

Thanks for stopping by!