Things that drive me inordinately crazy


Because these things are totally worth breaking my blogging hiatus to rant about…

  • People who stop at an intersection (usually in a parking lot) when they do NOT have a stop sign and then insist that you go when you actually DO have a stop sign because you were there first. That is nice of you an all but the rules of the road dictate that if you don’t have a stop sign, guess what, YOU DON’T HAVE TO STOP.
  • When my Pandora station stops playing after a short period of time when I know darn well it can go on for hours left unattended.
  • George’s random barking at any and every sound he hears and when he wanders off when we let him outside because he needs to smell all of the smells there are to be smelled. He’s becoming quite the neurotic little dog in his old age.
  • Most of the things my children do before 6 in the morning (let’s be honest, most of the things my children do anytime before I’ve had my first cup of coffee – whatever time that may be).
  • Spelling mistakes on menus – not that I am immune to spelling mistakes myself, but on a menu… I feel like that can be avoided with a little extra attention (and perhaps a second set of eyes editing it before sending it to print).
  • When it is clearly indicated that two lanes can turn at an intersection but one of the drivers takes it upon themselves to turn using both lanes. Rude. And also, dangerous. I have many moments of righteous indignation while driving.
  • Double spaces after a period (thanks for reminding me of this, Melody). Not necessary. Also, unless your style guide calls for it, here’s your reminder to NOT use a serial comma. And random capitalization (unless used for ironic emphasis) is a no-no. Just stop it, people.
  • When my husband answers his phone just to tell me that he can’t talk and he’ll call me back. I usually call him with a quick question or comment and if he’d just have let it go to voice mail, I could have left him a message but when he answers and doesn’t let me talk, I have to wait for him to call back. I have finally learned to just text him.
  • In all fairness, I know I do something that drives him crazy, instead of listening to a voice mail he has left me, I just call him back when I see that he has called. I am an enigma and a joy to be married to.
  • When my Instagram feed just stops, it makes me sad to think of the images I might have missed. And then it makes me sad that care so much what people post on Instagram.
  • Vague Facebook posts – vague-booking – for anything other than prayer requests; you can ask for prayers all the live long day without explaining why but if you write something like, “This sucks,” “People suck” or “So excited!” I will roll my eyes at you.
  • Other people writing on my calendar; because there are certain areas where I am a little anal retentive and having only my handwriting on my calendar is one of those. Yesterday Liam wanted to write the clothing themes for spirit week on the calendar and I allowed it after telling him, “This is a testament to my love for you that I’m letting you do this.”
  • Christina Aguilera’s stylist’s, hairstylist’s and make-up artist’s choices on The Voice; I also question the person who picked a Juniors cardigan for Pharrell. Adam and Blake I am okay with. Yes, I am the final say in fashion choices, never mind Jack asked me the other day if I was going to change into a daytime shirt to leave the house (apparently I was wearing a t-shirt I only wear for sleeping).
  • Accidentally clicking on the wrong program icon from my toolbar and having to wait for it to launch and load before I can close it.
  • Autocorrect’s continued insistence that I would like to follow “Michelle” with “Obama” every time I type it. That has never happened, autocorrect, give up the fight.

What drives you crazy?


2 responses to “Things that drive me inordinately crazy

  1. I love this! And also, I agree with every one of them. Except for double spaces after a period, because- eh. Although I realize as I type this that I actually only do ONE space- which is weird, since I never actively attempted to unlearn the double space… interesting, no? (or maybe not) But I agree with Simon about the annoyance of calling back without listening to a message. It’s not hard to listen- and then I have to ask if you listened to the message, then say what I wanted to say twice! (once on the message and once on the phone)- and that’s annoying. Oh, and also I don’t care about Christina Aguilera. Or anyone on the Voice- sorry.

  2. What drives me crazy? People chewing ice, people who drive down the lane that is going to be closed as fast as they can and then cut in front of me (or anyone), people who stop abruptly in the grocery store, people who use the “fr——” word, which in my mind means just the same as the “f” word, agree with the vague FB posts… and I’m sorry for the double space but I am old school and it’s hard to break those habits 🙂 Thanks for letting me vent!

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