Music Monday: High School Favorites

My high school music preferences ran the spectrum from Contemporary Christian to grunge to top 40, with the occasional R&B song thrown in for good measure. I also went through a Motown/oldies phase, secretly thrilled I had found some music my parents would put up with in the car without having to listen to adult contemporary instrumental (read: pan flutes).

I could not tell you what our class song was (though I know my friend, Crista, could – she remembers everything, I’m much more selective with my memories, i.e., forgetful). But I do remember most of the concerts I went to: Nirvana (shortly before Kurt Cobain’s death); Cranberries; Lollapalooza; Smashing Pumpkins; REM; and Jars of Clay. And now that I try to remember them, I know there were more – I’ll have to do some recon work on that one…

Anywho… high school was really when I started to love music, listening to it all the time… finding personal meaning in the lyrics. Making cassette tapes of the same song, looped over and over on repeat so I didn’t have to rewind my tape at the end of my favorite song to hear it again. Dedicating songs to friends and boys I liked… hoping they’d read the secret meaning into that particular song. My goodness – how I loved music.

Here are some favorites… please enjoy the glimpse into my high school experience…

Linger by The Cranberries | Crista and I used to drive around in her car, maybe following boys we liked to lunch, listening to this song and belting out the lyrics. We especially emphasized “wrapped around my finger” with hand motions. I also saw The Cranberries twice in concert and Delores O’Riordan has one dance move – a little side-to-side shimmy that has a slightly possessed nature in its execution.

I’d Die Without You by PM Dawn | This was one of those often-dedicated-over-the-radio songs by everyone in my high school and one night, when I was laying around, depressed about my latest crush being in “love” with someone else, this song came on the radio with the dedication “To [crush’s name], I will always love you. Love, Michelle”. I took it as a sign that eventually we would be together, alas, that was not the case. Still love the song. I should also give an honorary mention to their song, “Set Adrift on Memory Bliss.”

Name by The Goo Goo Dolls | I interned at a local radio station my senior year and while it wasn’t the glamorous internship I was hoping it would be (we alphabetized and filed a backlog of ad agreements for weeks), I did get to meet the Goo Goo Dolls and be there when they performed an acoustic version of “Name.” It was awesome and they were very gracious and friendly. And somewhere, I still have a recording of that performance on a tiny handheld recorder.

Today by Smashing Pumpkins | While this version doesn’t quite have the perfect feel to it that I remember, the intro to the song was something I remember clearly from seeing them at Lollapalooza, sitting outside under the stars and the notes pierced through the air. Chills. (I’m pretty sure it was not from the contact buzz.)

Flood by Jars of Clay | Jars of Clay and DC Talk were my gateway into Christian Contemporary music, but this song was played at my senior prom and I remember being so happy that my public school was embracing a religious song. And the song still stands up – 15 years later, you can’t say that about every song, mainstream or Christian.


7 responses to “Music Monday: High School Favorites

  1. Ok, we are in a big fight that I’ve been missing out on this awesomeness since January. It could have kept me company on the cold, i mean warm lonely night. I mean days. Seriously-so awesome! Love the favorite finds, I would NEVER have enough energy to do a post like that. You are so cool. I want to be like you when I grow up. And the high school songs-amazing. And the fact that our childhoods mirror each other down to our siblings’ reaction and parents age-amazing. And the fact that we have a shared love of sour cream and mexican food and creamy jalapeno-amazing. Yay for your blog!!!!!!!!!!

    • Yeah for a comment… soon I will share this with the world – or at least my friends 🙂 Glad I came out of hiding for you! Now you’ll never miss out and I’ll have a reason to keep posting 🙂

  2. WEEEEELLLLLLLLLL, Hello, Michelle!
    I’m sooooo happy that you have a blog here. I think you have a lot of fun things to say, and you’re so awesome, how could you NOT share this with the world?!?!? The 5QF is a Meme started by my friend, Mama M. Her questions are posted on Thursdays and you can link up on Fridays. Her website is Seriously, I’m SO excited for this blog!

    • Hopefully I can keep finding the fun things to say 😉 It’s rather sad that starting a blog has been on my to-do list for two years and I finally jumped in! Such is the life of a working mom – but this is something just for ME! Whoot! Thanks for sharing the link!

  3. Thank you for putting these classic songs in my head before bedtime! I wish we had known each other in highschool. I would have loved to have had you in my car in highschool during my late-night drivebys past my crushs’ houses. Good thing one of those panned out…
    I have to ask, though now knowing your musical preferences, any chance yhou were also an MC Lite fan? ‘Cold Rock a Party’ anyone??

    • I need to review my cassette collection and see what other oldies I can pull out… gotta say, MC Lite was not on my radar 😉 I just have to laugh thinking about my musical tastes and how much I loved Pearl Jam and Nirvana because my brother loved them… and then college hit and we loved country for a while (horror).
      We would have been great high school friends – I was an excellent stalker 😉

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