We have a graduate…

Sometime since I left school, the practice of celebrating every milestone with a graduation ceremony began and I’m still not certain I find this necessary. But it does make for cute pictures and teary mommies, so I suppose I can deem it worthwhile.

Liam’s preschool graduation was last Friday and watching him walk in I couldn’t help but think of what it will be like when he’s graduating from high school.

His teacher, Miss Shari, was (and is) awesome. She obviously loves what she does and loves all the kids. She also holds a lot of power in our house, often when he gets in trouble for something, Liam will say, “Please don’t tell Miss Shari that I did that.”

Even Jack found it to be a very serious experience.

And he doesn’t take anything seriously, except ice cream.

Liam was thrilled to show us his folder and workbook of all his assignments from this year. He’s progressed tremendously with his writing and his drawings now look like actual things rather than blobs (very gratifying for his partial-art major mom). One thing his teacher and her assistants always said about him, was that he was enthusiastic for school and genuinely loved to be there. He never got upset about being dropped off and ran in to class every morning with so much joy. Now he just needs to learn to harness that excitement and focus on the task at hand (he’s the kid that NEVER stops talking, which is good except when he needs to not be talking).

We’re so proud of you, Liam, I can’t wait to see what the coming years bring with school and life. You’re swiftly approaching that coveted “big kid” status of five years old – can you please slow down?


2 responses to “We have a graduate…

  1. Awh….he’s SO cute! I love that picture of you and your boys. It’s totally frame-worthy!

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