Music Monday: Back in the Groove

We had a great weekend, accomplishing most everything from Friday’s list. My boys had a great time taking in new experiences at Festival and hanging out with friends and family. We had fun celebrating Ian and Sonia’s wedding with former (and current) camp friends – any event is fun when all the kids end up topless, running around in the yard in desperate need of baths before bed.

But fun weekends make for harder Mondays, especially when you are starting a new routine. My kids started at a new daycare this morning but as a bonus, they will be overlapping there by a week with some of our best friends. So to kick off our morning, Tracey and I met with our kids for donuts and coffee. Nothing like getting your kids good and sugared up for their first day at a new place. My boys both went to their respective buildings without a backwards glance and that just makes my day. I love that they are independent and confident in these situations but sometimes it would be nice to get a little extra love from them when they say goodbye. But better this than a cry-fest when I leave.

Now on to work and tackling the to-do list for the week… here are some tunes (both of which I heard on the way here this morning) to help you kick-start your week.

Show Me What I’m Looking For | Carolina Liar

Somewhere Over the Rainbow | Israel Kamakawiwoʻole

Closer to Love | Mat Kearney


One response to “Music Monday: Back in the Groove

  1. Sounds like your weekend was great. Ours was too – The weather was amazing! Are the boys going to Whistlestop now? What happened to their other daycare?

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