Music Monday: Start Me Up

I need some pep in my step this morning… we had date night last night and I drank some of Simon’s frozen Pepsi at the movie theater and then laid awake until nearly 2, waiting to feel tired. [Side note: Simon always gets a frozen Pepsi at the movie theater, even if we’ve just had a huge meal, he cannot help himself. I don’t know why, but this makes me laugh.] Last night’s date took us to HopCat for delicious food* (and beer) and to see Super 8, which I highly recommend! The movie was just so well done but with JJ Abrams (writer/director) and Steven Spielberg (producer) leading the project, there was no doubt. But just overall, it was funny, heart-warming, suspenseful and exciting – a throwback to how summer movies used to be.** But this is not a movie review, this is a music post, lamenting how tired I am (wah, wah). I wanted to share some songs that get me moving…

Honorable mention: Magic by Rabbit, but they don’t have it anywhere on YouTube but you can see it here in an awesome video/photo series this guy did documenting his wife’s pregnancy: Pacing the Panic Room

Don’t Stop Believing | Glee cast

We’ll Be Alright | Travie McCoy [fun fact for you: he used to date Katy Perry]

Viva La Vida | Coldplay

Hope you are having a great start to your week! What songs get you up and at ’em?

* You have to try the Crack Fries if you eat there, and we also recommend the Buffalo Rolls – these are something I’m going to have to figure out how to replicate.

** Updated to add: David Gallagher (from 7th Heaven fame as the young, annoying brother) plays a stoner store clerk and figuring out who it was made my day – loved his character in the movie. 


2 responses to “Music Monday: Start Me Up

  1. I love that Magic song and that video was totes rad! I would so do one of those for my next pregnancy if I were somehow to lose 40 pounds, 15 years and a lifetime of insecurity. So like, never?

    • I know – she is just so tiny and adorable, but what a cool thing to have. In the weekly shots he took, he also wrote a note to the baby – so sweet.

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