Thursday Thoughts

  • I really hate how commercials depict women who are pregnant with multiples and how they reveal this tidbit to their spouses. The men always seem comically overwhelmed and “aw shucks” about it all and the women are not at all freaked out. Really?
  • My hubby got to be home last night rather than at work (though boo, he has to work on Saturday night instead) and it was so nice to share the parenting load for the bedtime routine, plus we got to eat dinner together while the kids wound down to Olivia in the livingroom (someday we’ll all eat together but for today – we’re happy to get to spend the time with each other).
  • It was almost as nice to go for a walk in the neighborhood without the children; though I took George who seems to need more pit stops than the children.
  • Jack’s current favorite phrases are, “I want to talk to you, mommy” and “I have an idea…” though he uses them both as segues into whatever he’s saying regardless of whether or not he actually has an idea or something to tell me.
  • Liam is officially a kindergartener now that he’s gone to orientation and completed his last day of daycare (according to him). He’s wildly thrilled though you would never have known it for how subdued he was at the orientation. This out of character shyness will allow for a momentary lapse in his non-stop talking – giving his teacher a false impression that he is quiet and reserved (at least until lunchtime). He was happy to find out there were two boys in his class that he knew from daycare and preschool and three more boys in the other kindergarten class who he knew as well. I don’t think he even looked at the girls – at least I don’t have to start worrying about that until middle school.
  • Wesley was rock star NICU baby and came home this past weekend – he is the sweetest little peanut. And Sarah and Brian were rock star NICU parents – go team parents!
  • Out of the blue, Liam asked me why I told him he had five more minutes of playing the Wii (on SUNDAY, four days ago) and then let him play a lot longer. Thanks for remembering and pointing out my parenting flaws, kid.
  • My brother, Mike, is biking from Lansing to the Mackinaw Bridge (the DALMAC), on purpose, for fun – I am impressed because unlike myself, he’s no spring chicken (he’ll super appreciate that comment).
  • Jack was being awfully sweet this weekend when we were saying goodbye to my parents in their hotel room in Holland, telling them both, “I love you, Grandpa” and “I love you, Grandma” without any prodding and my dad said, “Oh, Jack, I’m going to miss you when you get older.” Because despite his pill-ishness, he is an unabashed sweetie and that will probably go away as he gets older as it does with most children (this is a key reason why people have more children – I decided a blog would be less time-consuming and nearly as satisfying).
  • Apparently, five is not too old for the sweetness to end – last night at bedtime I told Liam, “I love being your mom” and without skipping a beat, he responded with “I love being your son!” (Don’t moments like that make every difficult moment in parenting worth it?)
  • I cannot wait for the new tv season to start… it’s like a mini-Christmas, the anticipation I feel about returning favorites and new shows (sad, but true).
  • Looking forward to dinner and movie with a couple girlfriends this weekend – whoot! And it’s a long weekend – double whoot!
  • Oh, and it’s September – does this unsettle anyone else?

2 responses to “Thursday Thoughts

  1. Hoorah for DELMAC! A few of my friends have done that.

    I love Jack – just because I love the way he says my name…and I love that he gave me an unsolicited hug when you guys left last week.

    GNO —- whoot whoot!!!! Can’t wait!

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