Top Ten Things On My Mind

  1. Why did they have to remake Footloose? With Julianne Hough of all people? And when did Dennis Quaid turn from attractive leading man to disapproving, fuddy-duddy father figure?
  2. Is it a valid reason to call in sick so I can watch all the shows on my DVR? Nope… I didn’t think so. Equally invalid would be calling in sick to catch up on all the unread blog posts in my feed reader.
  3. Why does George (our dog) have random bouts of licking where he simply won’t stop licking the air? Not himself or something else, just the air.
  4. Which of our possible/potential new office locations are the best option for us? I feel like a kid at Christmas, thinking about the possibilities. [Goodness, that makes me feel old, looking forward to a new office space.]
  5. Is there anything in the world that would tempt Jack into using the potty? He simply has no interest or inclination to not use a diaper. Which incidentally is not too much of a problem at the moment since it looks like we’ll be heading to Australia at the end of the year and I can’t imagine that a newly potty trained toddler + 30ish hours of travel = a good idea.
    Which leads to the next thing on my mind:
  6. How on earth are we going to keep Jack and Liam entertained for 30ish hours of travel to Australia and then again on the way back home three weeks later? Anyone want to join us (and pay their own way)?
  7. How can we pack 5 years’ worth (or more) of quality time with family and friends into three short weeks while we are in Australia? And in all seriousness, we are going for non-laughable reasons (otherwise we would not endeavor such a trip with Jack in tow, or even Liam for that matter) and the gravity of our trip is heavy on my heart and mind.
  8. Will Amazon’s Kindle Fire be as amazing as they say it will be? Dear Amazon: I love my current Kindle, but I’d happily take the Fire for a test run of a permanent nature, for market research, of course. Love, Michelle
  9. Who thought it was a good idea for Rachel Bilson to play a doctor in a TV show? This casting perplexes me. Also, why do I watch Gossip Girl and therefore see commercials with Rachel Bilson playing a doctor?
  10. Why does Liam have to fall down constantly while “playing” soccer? At least he didn’t cry during his game this past weekend, sadly he made another kid cry because he pushed them down. Super.

Top Ten {Tuesday}This post is linked to Oh Amanda’s Top Ten Tuesday.


3 responses to “Top Ten Things On My Mind

  1. What a challenge on that trip to Australia. I wish it was a pleasure vacation and that you could leave the kids home. I hope it all works out, really.

  2. I’m sad only for myself not getting to see you while you’re gone, but I’m praying fora pleasant trip for you guys, and a peace that passes all understanding. Love you!

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