Music Monday: Boyce Avenue

So this weekend was jam-packed with fun and included a girl’s night out with my college friends, Liam’s last soccer game (no falling down or tackling on his part – win!), a road trip to Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti to see Boyce Avenue and date night with the hubs and some friends. This is way more fun than I normally have in a month, let alone in a single weekend. Thankfully I have no need for babysitters for a couple of weeks now, it will give the kids and the budget a break!

I do believe this past weekend’s college venue concert fully completes my 2011 concert tour – especially if I include the kid’s symphony concert I went to last weekend (read about it here). And if I thought I was out of my element at the DMB Caravan… well let’s just say that turning up to a college campus in my swagger wagon was definitely a laughable moment. Or, a humbling one. But it was also fun and worth the trip, the concert was great and the pre-concert meal at Zingerman’s Deli was DELICIOUS! Thanks, Stef, for a great memory!

Facebook post: Out on the town and out of our element. Shortly after this the venue doors opened and as everyone surged forward, we stepped back and Stef said, “This is not how I want to die.”

Here’s a little sampling of the music we heard from Boyce Avenue (they’re a YouTube Sensation™) and one of their opening acts, Green River Ordinance. I first shared my discovery of Boyce Avenue here and can’t believe that it all came together so that we got to see them in concert thanks to Stef’s discovery that they were coming to Michigan! Just another little smidget of serendipity.

Fast Car (Tracey Chapman Cover)

When The Lights Die (original)

Slide (Goo Goo Dolls cover)

On Your Own | Green River Ordinance

Come On | GRO


What a gorgeous venue – Pease Auditorium at EMU


6 responses to “Music Monday: Boyce Avenue

  1. Glad I could be part of your fun weekend! 🙂 And glad to hear you went to the deli! What did you get?

  2. i think that’s the best picture i’ve ever seen of you in my whole entire life. GORGEOUS!!!

    • I don’t know – I think there were some pretty hot ones taken during the middle school years, how could there not of been? (But thanks, you are sweet!)

  3. what an awesome time – thanks so much for letting me feel cool for a night 🙂 and you DID look gorgeous! it’s that Maybelline … 😉

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