Phoning It In

Some recent pictures from my phone with a few words…
imageI wish I could sleep like this and not wake up with a sore everything. Jack was snoring so loudly last night I had to turn the monitor down because it was keeping me from going to sleep.

imageA rare moment of sitting at Liam’s soccer game… of course “Uncle” Kevin was making him laugh like a fool, the moment that stopped he was digging through my bag looking for fruit snacks once again.

imageLiam looking like a real soccer player at his last game on Saturday – he finally learned to stay upright through the whole game and didn’t make anyone else cry – we are so winning at this parenting thing! Though, when asked, Liam said he didn’t want to play soccer next year but that he wanted to be on the bowling team. Probably because the only times he’s been bowling were parties – who wouldn’t want to be on that team?


3 responses to “Phoning It In

  1. I always wonder how my kids can sleep the way they do and still walk upright the next day. Weird.

    Also, soccer without tears is always good.

  2. We must have worn him out over here! 🙂

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