Things I Love Thursday: Paint Chips

We’re moving our office sometime very soon and we are having a couple of walls painted in the new space. Because of this, I got to visit a paint store yesterday and bask in the glory that is a wall of paint chips. [I’ve talked about my love of paper, including paint chips here; and highlighted crafts using paint chips here and here.]

I love paint chips. Like really love them. I have to restrain myself from picking one of everything and taking them home with me (my husband thanks me for my restraint). The possibilities are endless. Picking just the right color and pairing it with another color makes my heart skip a beat – it’s true. I am certainly no interior designer, but I appreciate color schemes and the way paint can transform a room from dull and drab to bright and lively. But since I am also a person who starts many projects and completes way less, paint chips are perfect because I can imagine the change by looking at the colors without actually going through with it.

And thanks to Pinterest and blogs, there is another world of possibility opening up when it comes to crafting with paint chips (my board is here, I think everyone should be able to see it.) I’ll let you know if any of my pins come to fruition…

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