Top Ten Things I’m Thankful For (This Year)

It seems only appropriate that today’s Top Ten blog would be on thankfulness, but I thought I’d be more specific and talk about things from this past year – and let’s just assume I’m most thankful for the things I listed on Friday (family, friends, jobs and health).

1. Jack’s surgery – a year ago Jack had just had surgery to take a bone from his toe and put it in his thumb and to have his “finger” nubbins removed. I’m thankful that surgeon was skilled, the surgery itself went off without a hitch and the recovery was uneventful – as uneventful as an almost-two-year-old in a cast for six weeks can be.

2. Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital – this was the hospital that took such good care of Wesley when he was first born – our community is so blessed by this hospital and its wonderful staff and Sarah and Brian were so blessed to bring Wesley home much sooner than expected – their little Wesley was quite the NICU rockstar!

3. Weight Watchers and – my two secret weapons (along with exercising) that have helped me along the journey towards the new, better me.

4. Blogging – I’ve been reading blogs for what seems like ages but just started mine at the beginning of 2011 (thanks to more than a little prodding from a certain loved friend named Heidi) and I love it – I’ve always been a journaller just like my sweet friend, Kim, and this is really an extension of that past-time, albeit one that is way more public than the ramblings in my journals from high school and college (those have never been viewed by anyone else’s eyes, you’re welcome for that). Plus, it’s helped me grow a wonderful friendship with my dear friend (and fantabulous walking partner), Sandy.

5. Sugar Momma’s Bakery – though this is in direction competition with reaching my healthier-living goals, I love that this place is near my office (probably good that we are moving) and even though I don’t know the woman who started it, I am so proud of her because she is younger than me and has started her own business. I hope she has great success because her baked goods are AWESOME!

6. Our road trip with the boys to Texas went smoothly and the time we spent there was so very enjoyable! Hopefully we didn’t use up our good travel karma and have some left over for the upcoming trip to Australia.

7. Sunday night date nights – I’m so glad Simon and I have made extra effort to spend time together, just the two of us. I think we can all agree that one-on-one time is key to helping any marriage.

8. Jack’s daycare teachers – we’ve been blessed by all three daycares we’ve “used” since Liam was born but our current home is just perfect for Jack, our into-everything kid. At least once a week I pick him up and he’s in different clothes because he soaked through what he was originally wearing at the water table and they just laugh and tell me how much fun he had that day.

9. Kindergarten – Liam loves it and I’m so glad we got into the district we did with our county’s schools of choice program; we only wish it was full day every day – Liam would love it even more then! But he has nothing but good things to say about every aspect of his day and he adores his teacher – on the weekends he draws her pictures and practices whatever he’s been working on to give to her on Monday.

10. A new church home – after years at the same church, we made a switch in April to the church where I’d been going to MOPS for the last five years. I miss much of our old church, but this new church is smaller and more suited to where we are as a family right now. I wish we could go to both… but am so thankful to be blessed where we are at in this time.

What are you thankful for?

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