Our week in pics from my phone…

Sorry these are dark, it’s a phone, what can you do…

These two pictures warm my little heart. Jack rarely cuddles and a head-on-shoulder moment is the rarest of all.

And I love how quickly this…
Turns into this…
And then, this…
Dear Liam – you are the big brother… man up.

Happy Christmas lights and part of the nativity… thanks to my husband’s burst of surprise decorating

Let the heaven’s rejoice… Benedryl works on Jack, there is hope for our flight to Australia.


I’m rather in love with the color and style of this pen!


4 responses to “Our week in pics from my phone…

  1. ohmygosh, as i scrolled down to the last picture i just saw you holding a stick … i got REALLY excited! but green pens are fun, too … 😉

  2. i thought the same thing about the stick. 🙂 and what sweet pictures! and yay for phone pics!

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