Status report

  • Boxes packed for moving the office in two weeks: 1 (the new printer I ordered is still in the box it came in so that’s done)
  • Vendors to coordinate for the move: 0 (at least I’ve done the planning)
  • Christmas cards left to address and mail: all (but they have been at the house since before Thanksgiving)
  • Presents left to purchase for Christmas: 0
  • Presents left to wrap for Christmas: all
  • Fabulous husbands who do laundry (and live in my house): 1
  • Parties/holiday activities to attend (before Christmas Eve): 6
  • Bennett boys who are super excited for Christmas: 2 (Simon’s just moderately excited; George could care less and is only sort of male)
  • Batches of Chex mix to be made: 4-6
  • Goodies to be made: more than enough
  • Delicious food to be eaten: a boatload
  • Minutes spent exercising: probably not enough
  • ememby’s who are stressed (but really wouldn’t have it any other way): 1
  • Cranberry-orange vodka to drink: as much as my brother, Mike, will give me
  • Days until we leave the country: 24
  • Days until we get to Australia: 26



4 responses to “Status report

  1. Wow – You don’t have much going on this month, do you? 🙂 Glad I get to be part of one of your holiday activities (Perhaps 1st Rooks will get to experience some of these Goodies to be made?)! Looking forward to seeing you soon and the chance to catch up. Can’t wait to hear all about this office move – Where are you moving, by the way?

  2. Full plate?

    I just made chex mix this afternoon. CHECK!

    And I’m HOPING to finish Christmas shopping tonight. 3 presents left. And, like you, all to wrap yet.

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