Five Question Friday

It feels like ages since I’ve participated in Five Question Friday – I know you’ve missed them, right?

1. Do you swim in the winter?
In Michigan, not so much. But in Australia, yes, but of course, if we are being technical, it’s summer in Australia. This boggled Liam’s little mind. He could not let go of it being January and hot. He asked multiples times in multiple ways how it was possible that it was warm in Australia, and did that mean it was warm in the United States or why wasn’t it August in Australia? This gave me a chance to explain the equator and hemispheres – learning opportunity! Ding! Still not ever going to home school (I’ll leave that to you, Jonna).

2. Do you love or hate winter? 
I’m okay with winter, if I were to pick a season to love, it would be autumn. And if I were allowed to be picky and specific, I could also love a non-humid, mild summer. But winter is just fine to me, though as I get older, I like driving in the snow less and less. I cannot imagine ever being okay with my teenagers driving in the snow, I better start doing some breathing exercises now.

3. Do you put makeup/actual clothes on when you know you’re going to be home all day with just family? 
Ummm… do I even put on makeup when I leave the house for work? Not usually. I do always put on actual clothes to go to work – this detail is much appreciated by everyone I encounter on the way to and at work, I’m quite certain. But if I’m just staying home all day, quite often I stay in my pajamas all day (I sleep in sweatshirts or t-shirts and yoga pants) though I do shower and change after I work out (I have standards). Confession: My kids stayed in their pajamas all day today, which were actually the tops they wore yesterday with comfy pants they changed into before bed last night; this was more because of Simon, who never changed them this morning or left the house but I left them as they were and put them in bed for the night (Thursday night). My mother is properly disgusted now… but if I can’t be honest on my blog then where can I be honest? Also, I might have made a similar confession in the past.

4. How old were you when you had your first alcoholic beverage?
Sometime in my mid-teens. It was a margarita prepared by my big brother while my parents and I were visiting his house in Houston one spring break. It was delicious and is still my favorite alcoholic beverage. Though as I type this, I think that might be a lie, the first alcohol I ever tasted was either a drink of my parent’s wine cooler at a pool party hosted by one of my dad’s co-workers OR a sip of one of my parent’s preferred out-to-dinner drinks: a bloody mary or a seven & seven – this is ironic because my parents really never drank but on rare occasions we’d go out for dinner and they’d order one of those drinks. For the record, I like wine coolers, but I DO NOT like bloody marys or seven & sevens – yucko. Has anyone else ever ordered their parents’ signature drinks at a bar in an attempt to be an adult?

5. How many ill calls in a 12 month period do you think are acceptable?
Let’s go with 1 every other month, so six a year. At my work we also get a half day off every other month to use however we want – we call it a mental health half day. I rarely take a day off because I feel like, mostly because I feel guilty and a little because going to work is more restful than staying home because most days the kids are here all day. Being a sick mom is hard people, so very hard. Thankfully (and knock on a million pieces of wood) my boys are pretty hearty and haven’t really gotten sick – we’ll give credit to daycare at an early age for building up the immunity and how we encourage them to lick the floor and the bottoms of their shoes (just kidding, mom). Liam had one ear infection as a child and we had no idea he even had it, the doctor noticed it at his routine checkup. So I can hang my parenting success on having healthy children; they may not behave perfectly in public and may also be super picky eaters who scream and yell randomly and sometimes shout curse words, but darn it, they are healthy. Winning = me!

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