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Another fun meme to post for the weekend, won’t you join me… And you’ll have to forgive me if my answers are rambling but Laura promised a Starbucks gift card to whoever entertained her most and you know how I love coffee (plus, I sort of ramble normally)!

1. What is your favorite Girl Scout cookie?
Samoas – nothing (in my book) beats the combination of caramel, coconut and chocolate. But I try to avoid buying girl scout cookies because I will open that box and in no time the cookies will be gone and they are decidedly NOT good for you. But if you eat them with a friend, it doesn’t count, right? (And because everyone says this, it for sure makes it true.)

2. What is the one item on which you always splurge?
Coffee. My parents use those big canister, low quality coffees at their house and when we go for even the weekend, we bring our own because we are coffee snobs. I hate taking a sip of coffee and immediately feeling my nose scrunch up from the awful flavor.

3. What’s the best book you’ve read in the last 10 years?
The book I loved and always recommend to people: The Time Traveler’s Wife. I just LOVED it and had nothing bad to say about it. There is a book sitting on my bedside table, waiting to be read, that my SIL sent me two Christmas’ ago, Room: A Novel, and I’m quite certain it would be the best book I’d read but I haven’t been able to get myself to read it because I know it’s going to wrap me up and not let me go and I need to be in the right frame of mind for that kind of intensity, especially when the story centers around a mother and her son.

4. What is your favorite summer drink?
Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy – beer with lemonade. I love Leinie’s and have even toured their brewery in Chippewa Falls, WI because it is only 25 minutes from my aunt and uncle’s place. Just don’t try to take photos during the tour, you will get in trouble, just ask my cousin’s wife (the rebel).

5. Spring or fall?
No question, fall all the way. I appreciate the new growth of spring but I really hate mud and spring comes with an abundance of mud. Fall has some (mud), but typically not so much and the leaves are just gorgeous in our neck of the woods. Michigan in fall is my favorite.

6. If you are not doing your dream job right now, what would it be?
My dream job would be to be a philanthropist but that really isn’t something one applies to be (though, Bill Gates, if you are looking for someone to train, sign me up!). I would love the ability (and funds) to not work a “normal” job and be able to work on causes, promoting worthy non-profits and attending fundraisers. I love a good cause, something I can get fired up about but don’t have the freedom with time or money to support all things I feel deserve my attention.

7. Is there a better movie role model than Maude?
This might put me out of the running, but I have to confess to not having ever watched Harold and Maude, but a quick visit to wikipedia gave me a general description of Maude as a 79-year-old free spirit who lives each day to its fullest. She sounds great to me but I’d have to say I’d rather go for Marissa Tomei’s character in My Cousin Vinnie (words I never thought I’d say) she’s pretty, vivacious and smart – that’s a winning combination – plus she doesn’t kill herself at the end.

8. If you had $100 to spend at Target, what would you buy?
Probably the same thing I buy [nearly] every time I’m at Target: a random pair of shoes, a cute top, a variety of snacks and a collection of gems from the Dollar Spot. I’m a sucker for the Dollar Spot… I have oodles of patterned notebooks, treat boxes and toys for the boys to use as rewards good deeds.

9. Have you ever tried boxed wine? If it was good, what was the brand?
Nope. But right now I’m loving Cupcake’s Sauvignon Blanc – it is delicious and fruity without being too sweet and definitely not dry.

10. If you could meet one blogger who would it be?
The Bloggess because she is wickedly funny and wonderfully flawed – just like all good people should be. Though I’m quite certain her anxiety would keep her from wanting to meet me in person, I think we’d be great Twitter friends. I’d totally hang out with her and Wil Wheaton with the ponies (or monkey butlers).

11. If I could photograph you doing anything, what would it be?
Spending time with my kids – I’d love to catch those little moments where we are all having fun and laughing and loving on each other.

Here’s a question for you: If you could travel to one city for a day, where would you go and why?


7 responses to “All about me…

  1. Love me some Summer Shandy! (And I won’t be pregnant for most of the summer- yay!)

  2. In answer to the coffee snobs rant on her parents coffee making.I only want to say her pot of brew is so strong and bitter there is NO FLAVOR , so we cut it by 1/2 to enjoy a good tasting cup of Joe.:- ) —

    a parent– ;- >

  3. I would also love to meet The Bloggess!

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