Thursday Randoms

  • Does anyone else have words that they just love to use, my favorite right now is “trifecta” It’s a lot harder to work into conversation than you would think. I’m also a great fan of pseudo (someone I know used to mispronounce it as “suede-oh” which still makes me laugh).
  • When Jack has to use the bathroom, he proudly announces, “I have some pee in me!” And when he tries but can’t go, he sadly says, “I miss my pee.” It’s cute. [Adorable, actually, because he has a slight lisp and says “mith my pee”]
  • I went to a game night last weekend with a huge group of people and it was so fun but I had to do a round of Guesstures and that combined with a glass of wine made my heart about beat out of my chest and my hands were shaking for at least ten minutes afterwards – the adrenaline rush was a bit much for this girl; I don’t get a thrill from it at all. But I love, love, loved game night!
  • I find it hilarious when my kids point out when they are being good (also a bit frustrating since I wish they would just be good ALL the time); both of them do it in the same sing-song voice I use to compliment then when they are doing something nice. “Aren’t we playing together nicely, mommy?” “See how I didn’t even hit my brother?” “Oh Jack, I see a mean face, we don’t like mean faces.” “Didn’t we go to bed so well last night, mommy?”
  • I downloaded The Civil Wars album this last weekend because I had a $3 credit on Amazon so it was only $3 and it is on constant rotation at the moment. They have such a unique sound and the songs just make me so happy. My faves: “I’ve Got This Friend” and “To Whom it May Concern” and “Poison & Wine” [really all of them, including the instrumental – get the album now if you like music and are a girl – which is probably the bulk of the people reading this, except you, dad]
  • We’ve been borrowing my parent’s Buick Rendezvous since our little tree incident that took out the Explorer; I feel like an imposter because I’m not retired while I’m driving the car but it sure is nice to be driving.
  • My dad actually has a birthday next week – he’ll be 19, he’s a leap year “baby” I got great joy in being older than him when I was in high school.
  • I stopped by Heidi’s house this week with my boys; she has three daughters and I was telling Liam this on the way (better to prepare him for having no boys to play with) and he was just a little disappointed but considering we didn’t once hear from the children while we were there, I’d say he had no problem playing with girls (Jack far prefers playing with the girls at daycare than the boys – his favorites are Ellery, Finnoula, Nora and Quin – I LOVE all those names). On the way home, Liam asked, can we have all those girls come over to our house sometime? Success.
  • I’m highly entertained by celebrities on Twitter.
  • My cell phone died, like without warning wouldn’t turn on Sunday morning. Stef hilariously pointed out that at least it wasn’t me who died in my sleep. So AT&T is sending me a new one since I’ve had the phone less than 6 months. What a pain. I of course miss texting since you always want what you can’t have. But it has led to me getting (and sending) a series of short emails that say “Pretend this is a text”
  • Smashburger is pretty delicious; totally lives up to the hype. And if you sign up for their emails, you get a free burger (with the purchase of another one).
  • Carrot Cake Clif Bars are okay, but decidedly not at all like eating an actual piece of carrot cake. I’m just saying.

10 responses to “Thursday Randoms

  1. 1) That totally would have been me in a name of Guesstures. To a tee.
    2) Maya loves to point out that she’s behaving- every time Tyler is misbehaving. “Well, Mommy- good thing *I’M* listening and obeying.”
    3) That’s so fun that your dad is a leap year baby. My sister turns 8 this year.
    4) I’ve been wanting to get to Smashburger forever. I should move that up on the priority list.
    5) For the record, I would be super-sad if you died in your sleep.

    • Aren’t kids so funny when they are competitive, I’d imagine it only gets worse as it gets older. It’s probably good that we’ve never played a charades game together, neither one of us would volunteer to go.

  2. Too cute – I love randoms – maybe I’ll try some from my teenagers…hmmm

  3. 1. I want you to have your phone back really really bad.
    2. Scary- my mom drives a Rondezvous. Is it really a retirement thing? I’m starting to think so?
    3. I was SO THANKFUL when I didn’t have to do Guesstures! That was why I sat on the other side of the start of the semi circle…but you did GREAT!

  4. i also conveniently excused myself just before my guesstures turn, and my sweet husband took one for the team. πŸ™‚ so glad you came over, and yes, we will come over anytime. πŸ™‚

  5. fave word as of right very now…nomenclature. πŸ™‚

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