Tuesday Randoms (a.k.a., weekend recap or what we’ve been up to)


  • Like any good Michigander I’m hesitant to declare winter over and am trying to prepare myself for the possibility there is more snow to come, but this is proving difficult since we’ve had over a week of over 70-degree temps every day. I might have complained about humidity, I ate dinner Friday night on a deck and suffered five mosquito bites on one foot alone – this is unusual for March (understatement in the extreme there). But I’d trade mosquito bites for afternoons outside at Meijer Gardens and ice cream at Jersey Junction any day of the week!
  • Amazon keeps promoting free samplers and I keep downloading them and I’ve finally gotten the chance to listen to them and I’m pleasantly surprised to find there are many songs that I like – you can get good things for free!
  • Our weekend was packed with fun and secretly I hoped this would mean the boys would go straight to bed any one of the three nights, sadly, this did not happen. I just might consider a bungee cord for this problem of the ever-getting-out-of-bed child.
  • I wore a dress on Sunday – this might not seem worthy of news but I don’t really do dresses and I can honestly say I haven’t worn one in nearly 4 years. Seriously. But I wore it and liked it.
  • My hair has finally stopped falling out… a problem that cropped out for apparently no reason and my doctor says that since everything looks fine health-wise, it could just be a season of hair loss. I’m thankful it’s stopped (knock on a massive piece of wood) but more thankful I had a ton of hair to begin with because otherwise I’d be pretty close to bald (my husband can attest to this, he’s seen the hair in the shower drain – you’re welcome for that lovely image)
  • Simon was home at 4 one day last week and it was such a treat, makes me look forward to a future day when he’ll be home every evening. To celebrate, we had dinner together and then I ran Liam to his regular Wednesday night program and got to have coffee with my friend Keri, completely unhindered by children.
  • I’m one meeting away from being done with my board president responsibilities for a professional group I’m a part of and I’m thrilled because it means no more monthly public speaking, which for the extrovert that I am, I surprisingly hate.
  • We saw The Verve Pipe on Saturday and they were a surprisingly awesome family band – my kids LOVED the show (I wrote about it here for grkids.com); I was just sad they didn’t play Freshman, but it’s not really appropriate for a family concert, but still, I would have loved it.
  • And just for one minute, can I put on my crabby old lady hat and inquire: When did St. Patrick’s Day become an excuse for young women to dress up like leprechaun-inspired prostitutes? Maybe it was the warm weather, but driving home from the concert, we went past so many groups of dressed up people, it was strange. I’m all for drinking on St. Patrick’s Day, but an MSU t-shirt does the trick for my green clothing. /crabby old lady rant
  • The little boys and I got to spend a lovely evening with my friend and her kiddos and the kids played and played outside and we moms talked and talked inside – it really does take a village to make it in this world, or at least a small tribe! Though I did tell Stef that I needed to play a little more hard to get because she called at 5 to see if we wanted to come for dinner and I immediately said yes and packed the boys up in the car and we were there with salad by 5:30… offer me food and companionship on a weeknight and I’ll be there in a heartbeat!
  • Simon got me a wonderful “just because” gift on Sunday – a Bluray/CD combo of Adele Live at the Royal Albert Hall – LOVE (the gift and the gift-giver). I will simply accept the gift and not question what it is that he’s trying to atone for 😉
  • My favorite teacher of all time, Mr. Small, had a birthday yesterday – Happy Birthday, Mr. Small – it made me recall the cake we gave him when I was in 8th grade. He liked to sail and had a bald(ing) head so we asked the bakery to decorate it with a bald head popping up from the edge of the cake with a sailboat going over it – it was awesome (and we were kind of punks for doing that).
  • And lastly, I got to hang out with a super handsome baby boy on Friday morning and it just made my heart so happy – plus getting to see his equally lovely momma – friends are just the best!

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