Meet… our car


If there were any doubt that my husband and my first born are made of the same ilk, I present two conversations from the past two days.

[Between Simon and myself]
Me: I think we should name the car, give it some personality.
Simon: ??
Me: I take it you don’t agree.
Simon: How ’bout we just call it “the car.”
Me: You’re no fun.

Between Liam and myself]
Me: Do you like our new car?
Liam: Yes, what kind of car is it?
Me: It’s a Taurus. Do you think we should name it something? [thinking perhaps I can get the kids into naming the car]
Liam: I think we should just call it Taurus because that’s what it is.
Me: Not something else, something fun… you can pick anything.
Liam: No, just Taurus.
Me: You’re no fun.

I’m banking on Jack being my companion in ridiculous things like naming cars.


7 responses to “Meet… our car

  1. I’ve named cars in the past. I named a bicycle once, too. I’m on your side my husband would have said the same thing )

  2. Love it! Although that actually surprises me a little about Liam. He’s such a creative kid- I would have thought he’d come up with something fun! 🙂

  3. Ha! I’m with Keri…surprised Liam didn’t pick out something funny. Now, I’m even more intruiged to see how this conversation goes with Jack!

  4. Oops…signing as as the real me…

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