Tuesday Randoms

This is how I keep track of songs I like when I hear them on the radio – I take a picture of the radio panel – I have a whole series of these on my phone. I also email myself song titles when I hear them on TV shows.

I wonder how effective the ad below is. It was from a local coupon book I got for free in the mail. It’s promoting a matchmaking service owned by the two women shown but I just don’t think they are promoting the right message or using the best imagery (nice background light).

I love that Liam added “www.mops.org” to his picture. He also drew me a picture this weekend with the words “2 4 6 8, who to we love… you. you. you. that’s who”image

At our girl’s night this weekend, someone’s teeth/mouth ended up very blue due to a delicious frosting from a cookie cake. Needless to say, we laughed a whole lot. The sangria might have helped.

Speaking of mis-marketing, I saw this ad in my Facebook sidebar and it made me laugh since I’ve been complaining about my kids driving me crazy, but never in a million years would I consider buying them a phone as an option to end the crazy-making.


12 responses to “Tuesday Randoms

  1. http://www.mops.org??! That kid is hilarious.

  2. I don’t think the average person thinks about ads too much, but since I am married to a marketing guru, I get it…and both make me laugh;)

  3. Have you tried Sound Hound to keep track of your songs? It has to be my most favorite app, as the stations I listen to don’t tell me the song titles, artists, etc. It’s also great for songs in tv commercials b/c it listens to the song and finds it. And then stores the history of what you’ve searched for. Yes, I love it.

    And since you mentioned MOPS – have you been to the international conference before? I haven’t but it’s in Grapevine this year, so since it’s driveable, I’m considering it. Being there with friends I knew before children could be really fun! (hint, hint)

    • I haven’t been to the conference before but won’t be going this year – it would be so fun and so fun to see you! Alas… you’ll just have to come visit Michigan πŸ™‚
      Simon has Sound Hound on his phone… I didn’t know that it stored the history – that’s handy! It just occurred to me to check to see if my Android could use it and it can! Fun times!

  4. I saw that advertisement in the mailer too. I was like, “Really?!?!? What?!?!?” Yeah. Classy class!

  5. Ya know, if I thought buying my kids a phone would help, I’d do it but good night…then instead of yelling at me 24/7/365, they’d just call me 27/7/365. that was a ad rep who clearly doesn’t have kids. sheesh.

    • I’m also going to ignore the fact that it was ad perfectly targeted at a frazzled mom (even if ineffective) – I’m sure Facebook isn’t selling me to the highest bidder πŸ™‚

  6. I don’t know-I think with Reese and Jack maybe buying them a phone is gonna be our best bet.

    • Then they can just text us when they are misbehaving πŸ™‚ Jack likes to say to me… “Come see what I did…” So I ask him if I’m going to be happy or sad. Usually sad.

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