Music Monday: Relative Oldies

The photo above has nothing to do with anything in this post, but I found it going through my phone and thought I’d share – you should be used to the random by now.

I’ve been perusing my iTunes library, rediscovering some old favorites and thought I’d take a moment to share some with you…

Clocks | Coldplay – I’ve featured their music time and again on Music Monday so I guess I can freely admit that I rather love Coldplay. The best is still the song from Alias – as Sandy said, Vaughn = swoon. Yup.

The Wind | Cat Stevens – This one is an oldie but I first remember liking it after watching Almost Famous, way back before I found Kate Hudson insufferable – I wish she would do back to indie movies, she was brilliant in Almost Famous, or perhaps she just had a marvelous director.

Under the Bridge | Red Hot Chili Peppers – Yet another song with a great guitar intro. True story: Anthony Kiedis (the Chili Peppers’ lead singer) is from my current home town and in college I saw him at a local coffee shop; sadly I didn’t realize it was him but instead thought he was a guy from my college so I kept staring at him, waiting for him to recognize me and say hi – but since it was actually someone famous and not another college student, he just gave me a strange look. I’m sure he is used to people staring at him but after the fact, I wanted to chase after him and tell him that I wasn’t staring at him for the reason he thought I was… a brush with fame and I wasted it on thinking he was someone else. For the record, he looked pretty normal and darn handsome.

I Could Sing of Your Love Forever | Sonic Flood – The CD player in my Focus ate this CD, actually, it got stuck in the CD player when someone shoved another CD in the player on top of this one and I had to have the whole player removed and replaced. I was so sad about this CD.

Cruisin’ | Gwyneth Paltrow and Huey Lewis – Speaking of back when celebrities were less annoying – remember when Gwyneth was less toolish? Do you recall that she actually clued the world in that she could sing in a movie (Duets) and not on Glee… here’s a song she performed with Huey Lewis (who played her dad in the movie).

Thank You | Dido – And yet another song from a movie that starred Gwynnie (Sliding Doors – the movie where she has two freaking cute hairstyles)


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