Thursday Randoms

  • One of the perks of a shortened holiday week is that I keep thinking we are one day behind in the week (e.g., all day Wednesday I kept thinking it was Tuesday) and what a joy it is to remember it’s actually a day LATER than I was thinking; I often thing it is the wrong day of the week but am typically disappointed to find out I am not one day ahead of what I was thinking. Hooray.
  • I truly think you can tell the kind of person someone is by how they treat children they encounter. To wit, this morning Liam came to work with me for a little bit before school and on our way out to the car, we ran into one of the trainers from next door, the one who intimidates me the most because the first time I met him with his large black lab I mistakenly asked if he called his dog Sparty (because I thought I had heard him say this and was going to make conversation with him about being a MSU Spartan fan) but instead he sternly said, “No, his name is Spartacus, like the slave.” [Um, okay. Noted.] But this morning, we passed Mr. No Smiles and he warmly greeted Liam with a, “Hey there, buddy.” And now he’s okay in my book.
  • Yesterday I got a phone call at work from a sales guy from Jordan (yes, the country) who was trying to sell me his translation services or convince me to market his business in the States. After I said no multiple times, he switched gears to trying to get me to import water for him from the Jordan River to sell to churches for baptismal purposes. Seriously?
  • Jack is getting in on the music love… Monday I heard him singing a song at Kara’s house and realized he was singing “Sweeter” by Gavin DeGraw and when we got in the car this morning, he requested “Some Nights” by fun. Love it.
  • Speaking of music, Liam told me this morning that he really likes the One Direction song, “What Makes You Beautiful” and then asked if it was by the same people who sing “Moves Like Jagger” because they sound the same. I’m sure Adam Levine would be thrilled to hear he sounds like a boy band (though technically Maroon 5 is a man band, they just don’t do choreographed dance moves).
  • Simon got a migraine Monday night and while I’m sad he felt so crappy, it made me secretly glad because now I think he’ll be more sympathetic and understanding when I have one because until you experience one, you just don’t get how a headache can make you feel so bad. Sorry honey, but I believe you got a migraine to teach you empathy.
  • I always think of things I want to add to these random lists and try to remember them all until I type them up but inevitably I forget one and I’m so bummed. I just want to share all my mindless thoughts with you.
  • Jack is moving up to an older room at daycare soon – makes me mucho sad because while I’m sure it is perfectly fine, I LOVE the room he is in now and his teachers. Plus, this means he’s growing up and while he’s physically still a shrimp, it’s only a matter of time before I have another big boy and not a little guy (try as he may to convince me that he’s still little so he can get another hit off a pacifier).
  • The boys and I walked yesterday and after we did a few circles around the track at the high school (the boys like to run together but then Liam pulls ahead and Jack pouts until Liam stops and waits for him to catch up – repeat again and again) we were walking down the hill to the sidewalk and Liam very doubtfully says, “I guess you’re getting a little skinnier, mom.” Gee, thanks.
  • Also on our walk, we went past a dead (but not flattened) squirrel lying on the sidewalk – Liam seriously determined that cause of death was either electrocution or falling from somewhere. And then it was the first thing he told Simon about this morning, “I’m going with electrocution.” Apparently this made quite an impact on him. I’m just glad there is one less squirrel in the world (also glad squirrels don’t read blogs because I’m quite certain they would picket my house and then I would have to die).
  • Until yesterday my children did not have bikes. Now they do. Just thought you should know.
  • For my husband, who inquired what I wanted for my birthday, please see here, here or here.
  • I’m a little addicted to the Cross Me app… it’s a Japanese crossword game that is like a mix of Sudoku and those slider puzzles that you move the tiles around until a picture is revealed (sort of, but not really).
  • “Wonderwall” (by Oasis) just came on my iTunes… happy.
  • Simon taught Jack to say “Bow chicka wow wow” this weekend.. it’s both inappropriate and impossibly cute.
  • Liam discovered that he likes asparagus and last night requested a bowl of mixed berries to go with his dinner… I have renewed hope that I’m raising kids who will eat normally. [Let’s not discuss Jack’s eating habits. Only to say that feeding a kid who constantly says he’s hungry but who won’t eat many things is a challenge to say the least, especially when he doesn’t like to eat the same food multiple times in a day.]
  • James Van Der Beek’s children are named Olivia and Joshua. Now you know.
  • I watched Fast & Furious (stellar sequel to The Fast & the Furious) and GI Joe Rise of the Cobra both on USA this weekend… it’s like I don’t even know myself. They weren’t horrible. Sienna Miller actually does a passable American accent but does not make a convincing action movie villain (I believe they may have cast her more for her ability to fill out a plunging neckline).
  • My nephew in Texas is graduating from high school this weekend. Considering I clearly recall the first time I met him and having him promptly spit up on me, I feel properly verclempt (and old) that this milestone is being reached. Congrats, Mitch, we are SO proud!
  • As a follow up to yesterday’s texting post, I’d like to express frustration over autocorrect’s over zealous insistence on making me “live” things instead of “love” things and changing “this” to “thus” almost every time. Do people even use the word “thus” with such regularity that autocorrect would “think” I mean that?
  • And now “Glycerine” by Bush is playing (I have it on random for my Top Rated songs) – apparently iTunes wants me to revisit the 90s.

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