Instagram, week 12

One day last week, the kids spent the morning at Millennium Park with Simon playing at the splash pad and the afternoon playing at the park with me. All in 90+ degree heat and that evening they went to bed with minimal fighting and only 15 minutes of getting up to “tell me something.”


Stef’s “stolen” baby… I like borrowing babies for an evening… makes me forget all the other stuff that goes along with a newborn, like countless middle-of-the-night feedings…

Isn’t he just the sweetest? (And I still have the magic touch with putting babies to sleep.)

On the sidewalk leading to my office. Who knows how this got there but I’m going to pretend it wasn’t from dog poop from Spartacus.

The next day they were at daycare and each played outside for at least 4 hours, then bounced in is bounce house for a good hour, followed by an hour in our friends’ pool and though they didn’t fall asleep on the way home, they did go to bed immediately. So six hours of activity + 90 degree temps = no trouble at bedtime. I cannot keep up that schedule, makes me tired 😉

Keeping with the bad-at-bedtime theme… here’s Jack, who was supposed to be in bed and asleep at least 45 minutes earlier, telling me he wasn’t tired. Clearly because he didn’t pack in hours of entertainment that day.

But at least we get to see rainbows…


One response to “Instagram, week 12

  1. I really hope that heart wasn’t dog poop. At least we know the rainbow is sanitary. And so beautiful.

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