Thursday Randoms

According to my handy url generator, this is the fourth time I’ve written a post entitled Thursday Randoms, which is completely apropos of nothing, so there you have it, welcome to Thursday Randoms #4!

  • I had watermelon yesterday that made my mouth feel simultaneously wet and dry – why and how?
  • Also, who do I complain to when my “seedless” watermelon still has seeds, sure they are tiny, but I still don’t want to eat them.
  • My apologies if ever you see me on the road and I don’t notice you – I sat behind Heidi at a stop light yesterday, noticing the Taylor alumni license plate holder and M22 sticker – thinking both these things related to Heidi – and it wasn’t until we turned the corner and she turned onto her road that I realized it was indeed Heidi.
  • I had my blood drawn yesterday (blood tests for old people reasons like checking iron and cholesterol levels) and it made me wonder how many times phlebotomists have the same conversation in a day. Her: I can’t believe summer is almost done. Me: Me either… [ramble on about school starting.] Blood draw done. Her: You’re all set… Then the next person comes in and it starts again. I wonder if they decide at the beginning of each day what their leading question of the day will be.
  • We may or may not camp out Friday night in our friends’ backyard, depends on whether I can borrow a tent because I’m totally okay with a camp out, but I do require some sort of structure to sleep in.
  • Trying to figure out what activities my boys will do for the fall, which makes me just not want to do any activities… can someone please be my activities coordinator and just tell me when and where to show up?
  • It is mid-August. Crap. = The thought that runs through my mind at least five times a day.
  • I am trying some different salad toppings to mix things up (my life, it is exciting; you are jealous, I know), this week’s new additions: cracked hemp seed and alfalfa sprouts. My previous add-in was soybeans, love.
  • Based on the song Sitting, Waiting, Wishing by Jack Johnson, iTunes created a delightful Genius Mix that included Two Step (DMB), Sweetest Thing (U2), The Hardest Part (Coldplay) and Babylon (David Gray) and 46 other songs, none of them by women, except one by Feist, one by Regina Spektor and one by Colbie Caillat – that’s strange, right? [Please do not mention that it is strange that I noticed that.]
  • We attended a birthday party with slip and slides and a pool Tuesday evening, the boys had a blast, but apparently we need to reiterate to Jack that even though he is wet and wearing a swim suit, he shouldn’t just stand in people’s yards with his legs spread and announce he is peeing. And he most definitely shouldn’t do it three times.
  • Jack is totally the kid that people’s husbands love because he is pretty rough and tumble with a dose of impishness (people in general love Jack, but men don’t always particularly love other peoples’ kids); to wit, Tuesday night Jack got a 5-inch scrape on his stomach and got hit in the head with a contractor’s bucket that was dropped from the jungle gym and despite a few tears, he kept running around and making faces that cracked up Sandy’s husband. Nothing can keep that kid from going for the laugh.
  • My nephew, Mitch, is leaving for college… the very same nephew who puked on me within minutes of meeting me for the first time (for which I forgave him, hence yesterday’s pictures of my smitten stares) and thinking about it makes me tear up. Like real tears. Sniff… how can that boy be so old?
  • George has kept his scarf from grooming on for the past couple days and this morning I decided to mess with him a little and put in on him like a bonnet. He was not amused.


5 responses to “Thursday Randoms

  1. I love these random musings, they always make me laugh. Randomness is definitiely one of your “funny moods”;)

  2. Oh Poor George! His face says everything he’s thinking!

    I think Jack totally stole the show on Tuesday night. From his waif-like stance after the balloon release (seriously, it was TOO cute and melted my heart) to peeing everywhere to your washing him off by waving him over the slip and slide….Dave and I LOVED every minute of watching him that night. I’m glad he took the bucket like a champ- only Jack could take that and keep ticking. He’s hard-core.

    Oh! Tent is out of the rafters and by the back door. Looks like you’re camping this weekend!

    • I can already nominate Jack for class clown, or president, I’m not certain – 50/50 at this point. Thanks for loving my little waif. 🙂 Looking forward to dinner.

  3. Awww, Yay George! What a cutie. And also, I feel like our brains work similarly, just bouncing around from thing to thing 🙂

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