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Not as many pics this week – guess we were just living life instead of photographing it 🙂 Still, it was a darn good week… lots of visits with friends, work completed and fun times to be had! Our last week of summer vacation is currently happening and I am in denial!


My week in Instagram almost wouldn’t be complete if it didn’t include a shot of that church – but the sky was pretty photo-worthy with the big, puffy clouds and the sun streaming through.


The boys like to come upstairs first thing in the morning and hang out in our bed… George pretty much hates this while I pretty much love it. Too bad for George that he is the lowest on the family totem pole.


This is my view every morning as I back down the driveway… Jack’s head popped up in their bedroom window, waving until he can no longer see the car down the street. It’s equal parts sad and pathetic, but boy am I going to miss it when he stops doing this!


From across the parking lot, this license plate read like “666” which was mucho unfortunate so I had to take a photo. The devil drives a Montero.


Sandy’s shower was on Saturday and boy was it fun (click through for her recap)! Purple and coral decor (baby girl Hop’s bedding colors) and lots of inspiration from Pinterest. And my favorite thing (which sounds a little like bragging since I co-hosted the shower but it’s not because I said so) was the menu – all gluten free for my gluten-free friend (Sandy includes recipes in her blog post – the chive/goat cheese dip is scoop-directly-into-your-mouth delicious). Such a great day to celebrate our friend and her *surprise* baby girl!  And I love that I got to host with Steph, whose husband was endlessly amused by our ability to communicate without actually saying anything…
Me: Do you think the thing should go there?
Steph: Yeah, that’s what I was thinking… what about that, with the stuff?
Me: Oooh, good idea!
Craig: That’s just sad. [Editorial note: I’d argue that it’s not sad, but impressive that we were that in sync.]


3 responses to “Instagram | 20

  1. I laughed out loud at the in sync conversation! I’m impressed. And I LOVED the shower! I’m totally grateful to be on teh receiving end, but it would have been totally fun to plan (and CRAFT) with you guys! Loved it all. Love you ladies!

  2. I love the first picture, the sky is so huge. It is nice to have someone you in sync with.

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