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Happy Saturday – I visited the Farmer’s Market this morning – happy, indeed! Lots of goodies to be found… tomatillos, peppers, sweet corn, heirloom tomatoes, basil, fresh mozzarella, kohlrabi, radishes and breakfast at What the Truck (chorizo breakfast burrito with a side of seasoned potatoes). Yum.

Here’s what we’ve been up to the rest of the week:

Jack got “stuck” in our bathroom door – I love that his head is bigger than this stomach, cannot say the same for myself 🙂 And of course, Liam would not be outdone by his little brother…


I happened upon someone’s handiwork on a walk with Jack… ah, Nirvana, one of the first bands I ever saw in concert. Also the first time I learned about a contact buzz, surprisingly, Nirvana concert-goers smoke medicinal marijuana.

Anyone else remember when gas was less than a dollar a gallon? Does asking that question make me old?

This posture is very unusual for Jack… maybe this is a turning point in his development, no longer needing to be in constant motion! Fingers crossed.

While Liam was at my parents house for a couple days we got to have fun with just Jack… such a treat having one child for a couple days! Jack very much enjoyed himself at our favorite fall destination… Schwalliers Country Basket. And we got to see two very new baby goats, born that morning. If only human babies came out with the ability to run and jump, it amazes me when you see that with other animals.


Then it was Liam’s turn for a little one-on-one time… a date for fro-yo at Spoonlickers… coco puffs are his favorite topping choice. I love cappuccino yogurt with butterscotch chips.


2 responses to “Instagram | 21

  1. I remember when gas was 79 cents/gal. And I love that picture of you and Jack at Schwalliers! 🙂

  2. I remember when it was under $1!!! That’s when I started driving…and when it went up over $1/gal, we were all freaking out….ahhh, the good old days.

    I also remember when it was under $2 a gal. Which was actually not that long ago- my how things change so quickly!

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