People Who Drive Me Crazy


  • Most of the parents in the school pickup line at Liam’s school, the worst offenders:
    • Those who pull ahead and cut in front of the line of cars waiting and pull into an empty space just vacated by someone who just picked up their child. They must have temporary blindness to not see the line of cars WAITING THEIR TURN.
    • Those who double park next to the cars who are waiting in line next to the curb, blocking the cars who are pulling through in the DRIVING lane.
    • Those who PARK in the waiting lane (when there are plenty of actual PARKING spots available 10-20 feet away), get out of their cars, meander to go get their kids and are therefore unable to pull forward when the cars in front of them move and delay further the cars behind them who are waiting to get their kids. These people do not appear to be handicapped and unable to work the extra distance from a parking spot to get their kids.
    • The school pickup situation makes me stabby, stabby, stabby mad is what I’m saying. Just follow the unspoken rules of common sense, politeness and social consideration.
  • Anyone who wakes me up who is not a) sick, b) bleeding, c) suffering from a broken bone or d) has not been asked to wake me up (though that last one is still a little iffy, because a morning person I am not.. [why yes, Jack did wake us up at 5:20 this morning, why do you ask?]
  • Cashiers who act like their could care less about moving at a reasonable speed when scanning your items. I get that they are there for their set number of hours and it makes little difference to them how many people they serve, but wouldn’t their day be so much nicer if the people they were helping didn’t want to hurt them because they were going SO BLOOMING SLOW [not that I would ever hurt someone for this reason, nope, I’ll just badmouth them on my bloggity blog – I slay with words].
  • Teachers and anyone in childcare who do not appear to actually like children.
  • People who drive a) too slow or b) too fast (i.e., recklessly, because, let’s face it, I drive faster than the speed limit a bulk of the time and I don’t drive myself crazy).
  • Door-to-door sales people – not a single one has ever come at a convenient time or convinced me to buy the product/service they were selling.
  • Anyone with a sense of entitlement that they have not earned.
  • Any parent who judges another parent when they are at the grocery store or a restaurant, as if their own children were always perfectly behaved.
  • The entire cast of Jersey Shore – I can’t see a “news” story about them and not sigh or roll my eyes.
  • Newscasters with gratingly annoying voice mannerisms.
  • Nickelback, Nikki Minaj and Kesha

People who do not drive me crazy: YOU. You are awesome and beautiful.

So, who drives you crazy?



8 responses to “People Who Drive Me Crazy

  1. OOOHHHHH pick up drives me NUTS! (although, we have texted this before…by the way, thank you for texting- because I probably would stab someone…with my eyes, of course).

    You know…I had the opposite effect with cashiers at Aldi. They speed through the belt so fast, I cannot verify the price they are scanning, and they throw things into my cart so quickly without caution- I’ve actually made them go back and get me a new bag of chips and loaf of bread! Turns out, they have a MINIMUM of scans per minute that they must maintain in order to be an employee of good standing. Hmmmm…food for thought, Meijer?

  2. I really try and be a patient person in line at checkouts– but the other day I was in the line with THE. SLOWEST. CASHIER. EVER. But what made it worse is that it was only because she was chatting with the lady in front of me. Literally- just chatting. About her sister and the woman’s sweater and the juice she was buying… stopping between each item to have an entire conversation. While I was very obviously standing in line behind her with all my groceries on the belt- and 3 KIDS AND A CRYING BABY. Seriously- I wanted to say to someone “Is anyone seeing this right now?? This is crazy!”

    • That absolutely drives me nuts – chatting and therefore becoming inefficient at your job. There is chatting to be nice and friendly but still with the ability to do work and then there is the other! Grrr… And four kids at the store – did you lose your mind?

      • Don’t worry- it was only a partial grocery shopping trip for a few (which of course turned into more than a few) items. I have not ever done a FULL grocery shopping trip with all four- nor will I ever. 🙂 Especially since I only go every 3 weeks or so…

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  4. People who run into a friend walking the opposite way down a supermarket aisle, and then stop to have a conversation, blocking both directions with their trolleys. These same people generally look at me like I am the rude one when I suggest that this might be a good time to make use of the coffee shop outside rather than stopping me from shopping!

    On the comment regarding parents who judge other parents – I am guilty of this when it comes to crying babies/toddlers. I will take Jasmine outside if she is really disturbing other patrons, and I expect the same courtesy in return. (I am talking about mothers who ignore the screaming baby and carry on talking to their friends – I am paying good money for my meal and should have the right to do so without having to listen to your progeny screaming)

    • Yeah – people who let their kids be rude, not okay… but I don’t appreciate people who scowl at my child because he turns to smile at them over the back of a booth seat. If he was screaming in their ear, he would not be there any longer 🙂 And the cart blockers in the supermarket, they drive me nuts, too!

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