Monday Randoms

Happy Monday to you! For many of us here in the States, it’s back to school/reality after a couple weeks off for Christmas break (or winter break as the politically correct call it). My reality came last week when Simon went back to work after 10 days off… having my evenings to myself again is only good because I can chew snack foods while watching TV without someone giving me the stink eye. According to Simon, I chew very loudly and am distracting when he is trying to concentrate on important things like Chopped or The Good Wife. To him I say, “Pshaw.” And also, “Miss you, honey.”

So, back to the normal routine, minus a Music Monday post because I’ve exhausted that topic the last couple weeks – though I will say I’ve already downloaded two albums in 2013… so we’re off to a great start on that front!

  • I am doing a 3-day Herbalife detox, starting today, to cleanse the system and reset cravings with the hope of kick-starting another healthy streak. Wish me luck. By the end of the day I will have drank over 2 gallons of liquid (consuming 60+ grams of protein). I’m halfway through and really tired of drinking, but it’s not so bad. [Talk to me again at 8 tonight.]
  • I have to pee.
  • Simon asked me this morning if Jack came into our room in the middle of the night because he thought he had seen him and I wondered the same thing but had pretended to be asleep rather than let him climb in bed with us but after consulting with Jack, it was determined that he DID NOT come upstairs in the night and we both imagined it. Very strange.
  • Liam’s most excited to see his teacher again after break. That is sweet.
  • Jack got in trouble at daycare last week for biting another child. That is not sweet.
  • Jack’s nightly prayers are almost always a variation of the following, “Thank you, God, for the special day. And thank you for taking care of baby Jesus. And for mommy, daddy, Liam and George.”
  • Liam allowed me to give him a kiss this morning when I dropped him off for school. I think he might even have missed me today.
  • Last week, both boys were being exceptionally nice to one another and they gave each other a hug and then a kiss on the lips. Immediately after that, in unison, they wiped their mouths with the back of their hands. Yup, they are boys.
  • Ethan was baptized yesterday and I almost started crying while I was holding him in front of the church… the thing I like less than being the center of attention? Crying in front of people. Thankfully I held it together and did not lose it. [The same cannot be said for our wedding where I bawled from start to finish.] Thing I love most: putting a baby to sleep, which I also did during the church service.
  • A kitten ran in front of my office window last week. That was unexpected.
  • The plant in the corner of my office is a little out of control and is slowly creeping across the room toward my desk… I have nothing more to say about that and almost regret wasting your time with that tidbit. Almost.
  • Simon excitedly pointed out yesterday that I was singing along to a Nickelback song on the radio, after I had told him the previous day that I could not stand to even listen to one of their songs. I was a wee bit disgusted with myself and promptly changed the station. Sigh. I hate it when that happens.
  • In another three months we’ll be in Texas, well, we’ll actually be headed back from Texas. Mexican food… warm weather… and family we haven’t seen for ages – cannot wait!

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