Monday Musings

ememby_Monday_MusingsTwo weeks in a row!

  • I used the word “patootie” yesterday morning when talking to Liam and he very seriously looked at me, without a hint of impishness or impropriety and asked, “Does that word mean ‘ass’?” To my credit, I did not burst into laughter and from the way he asked, I’m pretty sure he didn’t know he was saying a swear word, but perhaps a word that was too old for him. I just said, “Patootie means bottom and don’t ever say that other word again.” What in the world? [And yes, future Liam, patootie does mean ass, in a way.]
  • I also forgot to ever tell you about this gem: Liam was upset to the point of tears shortly after the election and when I inquired as to why he was so upset, he sobbed, “Because I’ll never get to vote for Barack Obama in a real election!” I did not know how to deal with this particular break down.
  • And one last Liam story: Today, I walked him up to the school because I had to go in an retrieve his forgotten “Friday Folder” so I would know what homework he should be doing this week [my eldest is a forgetter, it drives me insane]. We didn’t even make it to the steps up to the school before he said, “Bye, mom, I’ll see you this afternoon.” And then proceeded to walk up the steps next to me, all the way to the school, as if we didn’t know each other. Stinker.
  • And what can be said for Jack? He’s a newly minted liar (he will lie about all manner of things, including things we know the truth about and when pressed he will point out that he wasn’t lying, but we didn’t ask him specifically enough). For example, I heard a sound that would indicate he had hit Liam so I said, “Jack, why did you hit your brother?” Jack: “I didn’t hit him.” Me: “Yes, you did, I heard it.” Jack: “No, I did not hit him.” Me: “Okay, then how did he get hurt?” Jack: “I pushed him hard.” Semantics. He will also lie about who took the food from the fridge, who drank from the now-empty cup and who got out of bed, turned on the light and/or got out the toys. We apparently have another child named, “Not me.” Not me is a real pain in the patootie.
  • Not ones to simply bask in the glory that was a date night last Friday, Simon and I upped the ante this weekend with TWO date nights – Friday AND Saturday! Simon had Friday off again because of an all-day training so we got to go out (Panera and “Silver Linings Playbook”) and then he said, wouldn’t it be fun to go out two nights in a row? Um, yes. So we revisited a new-to-us place with yummy burgers and brought along our friends Sarah and Brian! Fun times. Add to the fun a small group meeting last night and we didn’t have to put our kids to bed for three nights in a row – that is practically a vacation!
  • This week we are back to regularly scheduled nothing on Friday nights and no date night for Saturday. Alas. It was fun while it lasted.
  • Liam has a four-day weekend this week, mid-winter break in February and then spring break at the end of March. This seems like a little overkill on the days off school.
  • “Silver Linings Playbook” was superb. My kind of movie (and we’ll be honest and say that pretty much any movie with Bradley Cooper is my kind of movie) but Simon loved it, too. So well acted. True to life “dramedy.” Plus ballroom dancing. I laughed out loud a number of times and once I even snorted. Yup, I did.
  • We were dumb and left the restaurant we were at (post-dinner) in search of something else on Saturday night in downtown. Since we were all neither a) in our 20s or b) drunk, we were not up for waiting any place for a table or paying a cover charge. We ended up standing in the front of a bar to watch the end of the MSU basketball game and all have one more drink [we did not get carded- boo] – we were really just trying to avoid going home too early and having our kids still be awake. I wish downtown had been like this when I was in my 20s – so much fun would have been had! And we still had fun and good company, but now we are just in bed by 10:30. Alas.
  • I’ve been doing modified push ups on the kitchen counter (so not at all real push ups) and today my shoulders are killing me. I love the burn of sore muscles.
  • The first week of the blogging weight loss competition I had the biggest percentage loss… hopefully it’s not the only time I’m in the lead, but I’ll celebrate while I’m there! Whoot! Go me!
  • I cannot “do” Twitter… at least not that and be able to keep up with reading blogs, Facebook, Instagram and, you know, real life like my kids and my job.
  • I’ve been having cold flashes (like hot flashes but, you know, freezing instead). Does this mean I have circulatory issues or other problems? My hands are currently freezing to the touch.
  • We re-arranged the boys’ room a little this weekend and both boys thanked me profusely and told me how much they liked the new look. They will make good husbands someday.
  • Our small group hosts made faux Mexican Ice Cream last night (blocks of ice cream rolled in crushed corn flakes and cinnamon sugar, drizzled with chocolate sauce). That was delicious. So good. Still thinking about it. Thanks, Steph.
  • It finally really snowed here so now the heat wave can come back and we can be done with winter, right? Side note: Where Simon’s sister lives, it was about 111° F last week. It was 11° F this morning. Awesome. I believe we’d both happily meet in the middle.
  • Two months until our road trip to Texas – cannot wait! Honestly. I love road trips and having grown up driving for every vacation with my parents, I’m excited to give those memories to the boys!
  • If you are interested, you should totally join me on MyFitnessPal, I’m ememby there, too! It’s like Facebook for healthy living!

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  1. The middle. Yes please. Sigh. …….

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