Dear Boy Who Turns Four

Though you’ve rather loved being “free and free-quarters” I’m going to guess you’ll love being four even more – despite the fact that we’ve told you that four is the age when you will have to start taking “no thank you” bites of foods you don’t like (trust me, I don’t look forward to the gagging and dry heaving that will follow those bites any more than you do but you cannot should not survive life on a diet of Vegamite sandwiches, all manner of processed chicken in nugget and pattie form, applesauce, crust-less waffles, candy and yogurt). Three has been a *ahem* challenge… but that is because God made you strong-willed (which is good) and made your parents just as stubborn (which is probably good, too, since I don’t see you giving us any breaks as you get older).

For some reason, this year more than others, I’m amazed that this little alien baby: Alien_baby

Turned into this amazing kid:

And this cherub child:

B100ebwHas grown into this fun-loving boy:
IMG_8608-2And also equal parts this one:
You love picking Liam up from school…
and donuts (especially from Sandy’s Donuts)
and being a boy
539518_10151115461182528_1393342114_n IMAG0143

This year, you have kept us entertained…
wpid-IMG_20120811_114851.jpg wpid-IMG_20120828_070733.jpg
wpid-IMG_20120726_184201.jpg wpid-IMG_20120514_093550.jpg
You lost your first tooth
You met Jim Abbott who I hope will someday be one of your heroes.
You were much loved by your family (even Liam who often pretends that you aren’t his best friend).
wpid-IMG_20120603_143154.jpg wpid-IMG_20121113_145225.jpg
Simon_Jack IMAG0320

I love your sweet face.
And your silly one.IMG_6171
And your up to no good one, as well.
You are one of my most favorite things and one of the two best things I ever made.
Happy Birthday, Jackers… Love Mom (and Dad – who agrees with everything I wrote, though he would have preferred you not take all the stuffing out of the couch cushion)


4 responses to “Dear Boy Who Turns Four

  1. Seriously?!?!? FOUR?!?!? sigh. Happy Birthday, Jack!

  2. He is an exceptionally cute human…delighted to have known him all four years. Happy very belated to your buddy. 🙂

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