Suck it up, or not?

I saw this post (When You’re Expected to “Pull It Together” by Angela Nazworth at (in)courage) yesterday in my feed reader and was drawn to the message because I am a “pull it together” type of person myself, but just for myself. I would never in a million years tell someone to suck it up who had just suffered a miscarriage (like the author of the blog post), or who was dealing with the death of someone in their lives or any other tragedy, but I do find that I say that very thing to myself fairly often.

“Just pull it together, Michelle.”
“Suck it up.”
“Don’t think about it.”
“It’s fine.”
“No worries.”

I say it to my kids when they fall down or run into walls (this happens more frequently than is perhaps normal – they are boys). And while there is good sense in that style of parenting – not over-reacting to the small things so as to produce reactions that are proportionate with what actually happened – there are times when tears are called for, like when blood is present or bumps immediately pop up below the surface of their skin. In those moments, I show them love and grace and take care of them, hugging them in their tears and holding them tightly to me.

And just like with my kids, there are times in our lives when tears and sorrow are called for, when we need our God to comfort us and when we should take the time to dwell in the sadness. Maybe you need that reminder today, or another day. Maybe you need to show yourself a little grace from time to time.



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