Mark another one off the list

Yesterday was finally the day… the haircut day. After nearly two years of growing out my hair, I got about 10 inches chopped off to donate (I picked Children With Hair Loss – a Michigan nonprofit). It was liberating. I loved my long hair, but was finally sick of it and ready for a change. My friend Michelle has been cutting my hair (and the little boys’ hair) for the last few years so it seemed only right that she do the honors. Three pony tails and a few cuts later and it was done. It didn’t make me at all sad, but very happy that I could do this little thing for someone else. Hopefully my hair will make someone else smile and feel a little more confident. It’s an honor to know they will go to a child in need of a little healing.

Here are a few before and after shots of the front and the back.




I love checking things off my list… not to mention today we closed on our new house so I can mark off another item (or just about). I’ve got quite a few things left to do in the next 5 weeks before I turn 35, but I feel good about all I’ve done so far and don’t feel at all bad if I don’t accomplish everything. The list was just a little guidance for the things I wanted my life to be about – to keep me headed in the right direction – and to that end, mission accomplished! I can’t wait to make another list: 40 before 40.

Here’s where we’re at so far:

35 before 35

  1. Go camping with the boys. [In Stef’s backyard.]
  2. Take another road trip with the family. [Texas 2013]
  3. Start a chore chart/allowance system for the kids. [Good behavior chart to earn toys – good enough for now.]
  4. Teach Liam to ride a bike.
  5. Read at least 20 books.
  6. Participate in a 5K – walking or running. [Did not participate in a race, but so far in 2013, I’ve logged over 300 miles walking, on the elliptical and on the stationary bike and that’s good enough to me – I have no idea what I did in 2012.]
  7. Sell our house and move into our “forever” home. [Coming the first week in July.]
  8. Make plans to visit Australia with the boys.
  9. Go on a girl’s weekend with my friends.
  10. Take a 2+ day trip with just Simon. [A 1-day visit to Galveston and many date nights will have to do.]
  11. See at least 5 live musical performances. [5/5; DMB Caravan, Sara Bareilles, Boyce Avenue, The Verve Pipe, Ingrid Michaelson, fun.]
  12. Teach Liam to read.
  13. Potty train Jack.
  14. Go to ArtPrize twice. [2/2]
  15. Eat at 10 new-to-me restaurants. [13/10; Marie Catribs, Electric Cheetah, Cabana Tres Amigos, Beltline Bar, Brick Road Pizza, Flat River Grill, Leo’s, Brewery Vivant, One Trick Pony, Marco’s, Ramona’s Table, Stella’s, Perrin Brewing Company]
  16. Take Jack to his first movie in a theater.
  17. Go mini-golfing with the boys.
  18. Take the boys to a hockey game.
  19. Attempt to grow out my hair for locks of love. [Done and donated to Children with Hair Loss]
  20. Send at least 8 “care” packages to out-of-town friends and family. (6/8)
  21. Meet my WW’s goal (way before 35). [First goal met, working on more.]
  22. Get Jack baptised/dedicated at church. [Sunday, January 21]
  23. Stay at the JW Marriott. [Simon booked this for us but then we cancelled it due to buying a house. In this case, it’s the thought that counts to let me mark it off the list.]
  24. Stay at a bed and breakfast.
  25. Visit Great Wolf Lodge. [Went to Avalanche Bay – close enough.]
  26. Get an hour-long massage.
  27. Plant a garden. [Planted flowers last summer and grew lettuce in a planter – good enough.]
  28. Send someone flowers.
  29. Join a bible study.
  30. Continue writing this blog.
  31. Start AND finish a quilt.
  32. Tackle the crazy basement once and for all.
  33. Re-finish a piece of furniture.
  34. Get the boys sharing a room so we can reclaim a guest room/office/craft space.
  35. Get vinyl flooring installed in our kitchen. [Instead we had the cabinets painted and bought a different house.]

10 responses to “Mark another one off the list

  1. Great list! I did something similar when I turned 33. 33 is when Frodo started his big adventure in LOTR so it had to be a magical year. But it’s kind of unrealistic to want to accomplish so much in just a year! Yours seems smarter. 🙂

    And I’d love to help with 31, if you seriously want to do it! Though probably not before you turn 35. Maybe you could move that to your 40 list. 🙂

    • I have started many quilts… I just need to get to finishing them – perhaps we can get together for some crafting sometime! It’s always more fun to craft WITH others!

  2. Awesome. I should totally come up with a 40 list. Or maybe I’ll just copy yours.

  3. You look beautiful and you did great thing for this nonprofit cause.

  4. I am going to make my 50 before 50 list 🙂

  5. Oh, I love it! The cause and HOW GREAT THAT CUT LOOKS ON YOU.

  6. love your hair love your hair….and will be waiting for flowers whenever you’re ready. 🙂 way to go! you’re a machine!!!

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