40 before 40

ememby_40before40Well, I’m officially 35 (we moved on my birthday so I’m a little behind, but I did get a house and new furniture for my birthday so actually, I’m totally ahead right now). I’m quite okay with being 35, in fact, I have no qualms about my age or getting older – age is just a number and I think it’s a little silly when we get embarrassed about what that number is or feel the need to hide it. If people judge you about your age for any reason, that’s their problem.

I have been so glad to have had my 35 before 35 list to keep spurring me on the last two years so it only made sense to create another one for the next five years. And, since I have five years to complete this list, some of these items are going to be “big ones” (though not all because I want to set myself up for success – not failure). I’m also going to pull a couple uncompleted ones from the previous list… reusing items is totally legit, especially when it’s my own, self-imposed list.

40 Before 40

  1. Take the boys to a hockey game.
  2. Plan our next trip to Australia.
  3. Landscape the backyard (perhaps add a fire pit and a fence).
  4. Go to family camp.
  5. Host a grown-up dinner party.
  6. Eat a French macaroon.
  7. Go on an at-least two night trip to downtown Chicago with just Simon.
  8. Sell something on Etsy.
  9. Do at least five volunteer activities with the kids.
  10. Take the kids to Mackinac Island.
  11. Try/create 10 new cocktails.
  12. Teach both boys to tie their own shoes.
  13. Go tubing.
  14. Go on another trip with my college girlfriends.
  15. Eat at 20 new-to-me restaurants.
  16. Re-finish a piece of furniture.
  17. Create an office/craft space in the basement.
  18. Stay at a bed and breakfast.
  19. Attend at least 10 live music events.
  20. Eat dinner together as a whole family during the week (this means Simon would have to get on first shift, which I have no control over but when that does happen, I do have control over making the food we will eat.)
  21. Visit Stef in Cleveland and wherever she ends up after that.
  22. Go camping for a week.
  23. See a play/musical somewhere other than in Grand Rapids.
  24. Send real mail to at least 20 people (birthday and Christmas cards don’t count).
  25. Teach the kids at least 10 Bible verses.
  26. Go hiking with the boys.
  27. Create 10 recipes.
  28. Do at least 10 Pinterest DIY projects.
  29. Write letters of thanks to people who have inspired or influenced me.
  30. Host 5 couples we’ve never hung out with/had over to our house.
  31. Create a will and sign up for life insurance.
  32. Eat meatloaf at five different restaurants.
  33. Make plans for finishing the downstairs.
  34. Participate in a 5K.
  35. Go ice skating at Rosa Parks Circle.
  36. Take at least one of the boys to a (non-kid) concert.
  37. Fly a kite with the boys.
  38. Get another dog.
  39. Put together some sort of scavenger hunt.
  40. Be a room mom (just once) or be a member of the PTA.

What would be on your list?


5 responses to “40 before 40

  1. LOVE this list! I’ve got #31 in the bag…othewise, I’d have to work on each of these as well. Great job with coming up with 40 interesting things!

    Oh…meatloaf? I didn’t know you were that much of a fan. 🙂

    • I do like meatloaf… and I love seeing what good restaurants can do to make it different… I am going to try Vitale’s in Ada and Ada Grill for sure – other suggestions?

  2. Overachiever. 😉
    I do have to take issue with #32. (I mean, I love my homemade meatloaf, but do you really need to waste 5 restaurant meals on it?)
    However, if you need help testing final products, I would be happy to assist with #11 and #27.

    • I had to pick something (foodwise) but I could be persuaded into picking a different type of food for #32… And yes, you are welcome to sample any of the final products!

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