Hello Monday (hello randomness)


  • The first time I typed the title of this post I typed “hellow randomness” which is obviously wrong but what a cute word that should be a word but isn’t. Hellow to you.  Also, this post might get short real quick – my fingers keep typing the wrong things and I have had 5 misspellings in this paragraph alone (not counting the intentional ones – make that 6). Sigh.
  • It’s a Monday, which means the homework “fun” starts again. Liam’s teacher sends a homework packet home each Monday that has to be returned the following Monday, which I actually like because then you know what is expected for the week. If it were me, I would do all the homework the first night and then not have to think about it again (either that or leave it until Sunday night – my procrastination tends to run all or nothing), but Liam is not me so we’re trying to figure out a good system… rather, I’m trying to temper my expectations with what he will actually do. The first week we had 3 pages left on Sunday afternoon and it was torture getting them done. The second week I offered him the bonus incentive of 50 additional cents added to his allowance if he finished it all before Saturday morning (he did it – whoot). And this last week he said came up with the idea that if he did it all on Monday after school, he would get his allowance (for doing his homework) early and that evening we could stop at the store and he could buy a new pack of Pokemon. I was doubtful it would get done but I agreed and apparently it was the right incentive because he finished all that work up before we had to get Jack from daycare. This made the rest of my week HEAVEN (not really, it just alleviated all battles with regard to homework, I still live with a 7-year-old and a 4.5-year-old who have loose definitions of what brotherly love is). I have no idea what this week holds for us with regard to homework, but I’m not thinking we’ll be as drama-free as last week without the incentive of Pokemon available to us.
  • Yes, I pay my child to do his homework. Judge away. If it means less complaining until he learns that homework is a reality he cannot avoid, well then, I’m okay with it.
  • Seeing all the press for the Sandra Bullock/George Clooney movie “Gravity” has caused me to add another irrational fear to my list: being afloat in space, untethered from everything. [Also on the list: squirrels, icebergs and any creatures larger than me in the water – I don’t love the smaller ones, but I’m not afraid of them, per se.]
  • Simon was gone to a football game this past weekend with some of the guys from my family – they had a great time. Liam and Jack were still alive when he got back so I’d say it was a win for everyone involved. [I joke – we had a good time and got to see friends and family, so it’s not like we were woefully stuck at home. And I’ll get a chance to have a weekend away soon enough when I return to Pentwater with my college friends the weekend before Thanksgiving.]
  • I wish to never see Tom Hanks with a mustache ever again. It is just not a good look for him.
  • This ad popped up beside my Facebook News Feed:
    just_noJust no.
  • Liam always used to sing songs he heard on the radio and now Jack has picked up singing praise songs that he learns in Sunday school. I was congratulating myself on having one child who sings “God” songs and then realized he has also taken to adding his own lyrics… “This is the day that the Lord has made. We will rejoice and PUNCH OUR FACE.” Sigh.
  • Laid-Back Book Club starts this week… so looking forward to seeing how it goes! Hope people come ready to chat and hope they realize that I don’t really know what I’m doing but I’m just winging it and hoping the great ingredients make for a great final dish [not that I’m surprising them with cannibalism, I’m not that far off the book club course].


  • George appears to have a post-op UTI… could my dog get a little more high maintenance? I discovered this because I woke up at 3:00 in the morning Saturday to George freaking out and both of us wet… from his lack of bladder control. I was not pleased. I suspect neither was George.
  • My roomie from my Chicago days came to stay over on Friday night with her two daughters. My boys were not exactly thrilled with the idea that these new friends were girls but they quickly learned that these girls loved Pokemon and watching Liam play Minecraft so they were fast friends. They would have stayed up all night chatting but Andrea and I knew that would have been ill-advised, plus, we were looking forward to at least a ten-minute stretch of uninterrupted conversation. There was lots of, “Aww, mom” and hugging the next morning when they left. Makes my heart happy.
  • Here’s a recent “religious” exchange from the back of the minivan:
    Jack: If I were a grown-up, I’d punch Satan in the face.
    Liam: You can’t punch Satan in the face, he’s not a person like us.
  • I made these Chewy Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Coconut cookies over the weekend – they are delicious. I think I might try them with white chocolate and dried cranberries the next time.
  • And that is all…

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