Outside my window it is a winter wonderland. This is the first December in 13 years where it has snowed since Thanksgiving and not stopped (do not be impressed with my ability to remember the year it last snowed this much – I only remember because I had just moved back to town and I drove from one end of 28th Street to the other to go to work so never really noticed exactly how much snow it was until I drove home at Christmas and my parents had snowbanks taller than my car next to their driveway). I love how gorgeous it is but I do wish there wasn’t ice included in this scenario and power outages – that is less than ideal. But still, pretty. White Christmas here we come!

I am thinking of what needs to get done before Christmas and the end of the year. I love this time of year more each year! The break from school and regular things to celebrate with family and friends. Each year I find more magic in the reason for the season and love sharing that with my kids – teaching them the true meaning of Christmas and making new traditions for how we celebrate Jesus’ birth (and revisiting our old favorite traditions).

I am thankful for our “new” house, our health – despite getting older (and more decrepit) every year, my four boys that I live with – they are the best in every way despite how crazy each of them can make me – and the friends and family that round out this pretty wonderful life (don’t worry – it’s still got stress and bad things – I’m not trying to gloss over anything, I’m not one of those bloggers who is out of touch with reality – at least I don’t think I am).

I am wearing pajamas (changed from the pajamas I was wearing for the past three days – why change if you aren’t going to be seeing people, that’s what I say).

I am remembering to get all the gifts wrapped and tucked into boxes.

I am going to run some final errands and then get things packed up for our trips to Lansing and Cleveland in the next week. Am also finishing up any work that needs to be handled in the next week – I am so looking forward to time off, not thinking about work at all!

I am currently reading a bunch of books, including two on Christian marriage and how maybe its true intention isn’t to make us happy but to bring us closer to God (which ultimately is what makes us happiest). I’m about to start Beautiful Ruins for January’s book club.

I am hoping 2014 won’t bring any bad surprises (it can bring all the good ones it wants to), that Liam will continue to enjoy wrestling, that we’ll turn a corner with the boys and their {in}ability to listen and follow directions and that Simon will get a first shift job at work – it’s nice having him home since his knee surgery last week (oh yes, he had knee surgery last week and he’s doing marvelously… seeing his doctor today for follow up and to learn when he’ll have to start getting injections since he is missing some key cartilage in his knee – darn rugby, ever the giver).

On my mind work, life and how to get the boys to stop arguing with each other and pushing each others’ buttons. And what we’re going to have for dinner.

Noticing that my nails are in serious need of some TLC… my last round of at-home shellac left them very sad. I love how it looks when it is on but getting it off is not my favorite thing.

Around the house Liam is playing iPad, Pandora is playing the Family Christmas station, laundry is going in the washer (though not well since it keeps going out of balance), George is out of sorts because I am sitting at the kitchen counter and not someplace he can sit next to me so he keeps getting up and circling around for a place to curl up and I have finally remembered to drink my second cup of coffee. You know… boring, wonderful life. 

In the kitchen butternut squash and garlic are roasting in the oven and the counter is filled with goodies to be packed up for the holidays.

One of my favorite things is listening to Liam read books to Jack. It’s a rarity but one of the best things in the world to witness.

From my photo archive (4 years ago)
Jack was still adorable (and a baby)
And Liam, while cute and chunky, still had amazing bed head.


4 responses to “Currently…

  1. Oh my goodness….those pics of the boys are killing me! How adorable!

  2. Glad I’m not the only one in pj’s. 🙂

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