It’s the morning

A week or so ago I happened upon a gadget that seemed perfect for our house… a waterproof, rechargeable bluetooth speaker so we could listen to our music in the shower (just streaming it from our phones wasn’t loud enough to hear over the water). It was an impulse purchase, made possible by using Amazon points from our credit card so I didn’t have to pay anything for it and it arrived a day later thanks to Amazon Prime shipping… gotta love that.

I like music, Simon likes music and our kids both like music… it makes our lives happier. Being able to listen to it first thing when I’m just waking up in the shower, yes, it’s a luxury, but it’s also a great way to start the day. And watching the kids bop around in the bathtub while they listen to their favorites (“Everything Is AWESOME!” from the Lego movie is currently on repeat, endless repeat), well, that just makes my heart happy. It’s a simple thing, but one that has made a happy difference to us.

This morning a song I have heard a hundred times, including live during one of the multiple occasions I’ve seen David Gray in concert, came on and the lyrics really struck me:

Please be patient with your life… it’s the morning and you’re still to live your day.

We rush through life, in a hurry to get to the next thing… waiting expectantly for what’s to come. But sometimes we’re called to wait, to pause, to have patience. To enjoy the moment and where we are and to realize that better things are still to come but great things are currently happening. And if we are in the midst of difficulty, to remember that it is [perhaps] just the beginning of the story, that there is more to come; nothing is final. The day is just dawning. There is still more life to be lived. The rest of the day is still to come.

ememby_InTheMorning– – –

If you want to hear the song:


3 responses to “It’s the morning

  1. Thank you for the reminder, Michelle. I need to remember this daily!

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