February Photo a Day Faves


I love Instagram and was so glad when it finally became available for Andoid phones after only being available on iPhones for so long… I won’t even hold that oversight against them. Last month someone linked to a photo-a-day prompt from Fat Mum Slim and I thought, why not join in? Little did I know that it was a monthly thing so after completing February, I started again in March… it’s fun, though some days are harder than others to come up with something, but it keeps me posting something daily which is a great way to look back at what’s going on with life (even when I just take screen caps of an Amazon page because I can’t think of anything for a particular prompt (day 11: mistake, I’m looking at you!). Here are some of my favorites from February:
Day 1: You – This is me, fresh-faced and first thing in the morning. I did add a filter to remove the redness but that’s as glamorous as it gets around here.

Day 2: Favourite – love the Australia spelling 😉 And love my Australian boys

Day 3: Something orange – my lucky fin bead – always on my wrist.

Day 6: Water – (or coffee made from water)

Day 9: Details – one of the boys’ Lego man creations complete with armor and a bow tie.

Day 10: I am… at work. I’m sure the stack of papers under my monitor give Simon heart palpitations.

Day 16: Create – A card Liam made for me… so sweet!

Day 24: Half – Jack always runs to the back door to say goodbye to me when I leave him at daycare… and while he’s there, so is half of my heart!

Day 25: Cut – my muscular boys who love running around with no shirts on. What are they going to do when it is actually hot outside instead of below freezing?

Day 27: My view today – vegged out boys about to start a game of “fight” if only they can stop watching TV for a few seconds.

Day 28: Reflection – Is it any wonder blow-drying my hair makes me so hot?


2 responses to “February Photo a Day Faves

  1. I would love Instagram, I think. Alas, the dumb phone holds me back. Again.

    But I love these pics!

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