Be still…

The school year is quickly coming to a close – though not nearly quickly enough for my liking (see: I. Am. So. Done.). For the first time I’m weary of all the school stuff and thankfully it appears that so is Liam’s teacher – no more homework packets for the rest of the year! After he finished his last page of homework on Monday, I told Liam that he doesn’t have to do homework again until THIRD grade! We both cheered!

Summer brings less crazy and usually more fun since we have more time for play dates and no pressure to get anything done. It’s a different kind of busy. Work still needs to get done at the office. Projects need completing at home. And social activities abound. It’s busy but it’s also calming, I feel a time of reflection coming upon me. Thinking of everything that has happened in the past year – selling our first home, moving to our “new” home, continuing the slog of tag-team single parenting, friends moving away, discovering I’m not immune to depression and anxiety and confirming suspicions that Liam was not going to outgrow his lack of focus – it’s been a lot to take in, to manage and accept. But I have peace in knowing that God has it under control – that He reveals himself in the good and the bad – that His timing is perfect, while not always my own.

I’m eager to see what lessons He has awaiting me and to quiet my mind and be still.



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