Self-Fulfilling Prophesy

ememby_todayisgoingtobeawesomeI needed this reminder today… each day is a new day and full of new possibility. Admittedly the possibilities are maybe not always positive (I’m a glass half-full girl myself, but also a realist) but starting the day with a little pep always improves your chances for positivity. Amiright? Make it happen.

Here are a few things I’ve been loving lately that are making my days awesome despite any c-r-a-p that might happen:

  • the sound of all the night bugs and frogs we hear around our house now that it has warmed up – their joint symphony is near deafening if you are sitting on the deck after the sun sets
  • watching how seriously Liam takes taekwondo (Jack is still a work in progress on that front but as the youngest kid in the class and the only one not in school, it’s not surprising; according to him his track record for good vs. bad in class has gone 50/50, 75/25, 10/90 and 80/20)
  • while I have not watched Dancing with the Stars this season, I did see Maks and Meryl’s final two dances and they were pretty impressive, like I 100% believe they are a couple from watching them together and I want them to have many, many babies and live happily ever after
  • peanut butter, banana, oatmeal smoothies
  • The Voice and texting dates to rehash everything that is going on during the shows
  • chatting and catching up with some of my favorite people
  • the prospect of Pitch Perfect 2
  • a long holiday weekend – we’re watching a friend’s dog and I am thrilled because it fulfills my lifelong dream of having TWO dogs… sadly, this is not Simon’s lifelong dream but I’ll win him over yet (unless it all goes horribly wrong in which case, probably not)
  • Coldplay’s new CD
  • coffee (always)
  • reading with the boys – I just went to the Scholastic Warehouse sale and loaded us up with new summer reading options, including a Jesus Calling Bible Storybook
  • watching our old videos on YouTube with Jack – he asks to rewatch all his favorites of he and “baby” Liam talking, dancing and singing
    check the videos out here.

What is making your days awesome?


3 responses to “Self-Fulfilling Prophesy

  1. I am super happy that you live closer to me. 🙂 And also that we BOTH want 2 dogs! I was looking at petfinder a few days ago, and Dave surprisingly didn’t flinch! He even oohed and aaaaahed at one- baby steps! (think someone out there has a BOGO that we can split???)

  2. I shall miss The Voice texting dates. I found the commentary to be stellar. 😉

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