Eight on 8/8

This kid turns 8 today (the 8th day of the 8th month)! That’s kind of a big deal. He’s kind of a big deal, too. But I’m rather partial. The rest of you have your own big deals, but me, mine are named Liam and Jack. And today we celebrate the oldest – well, today and tomorrow when his birthday party is happening.
This kid. He is my joy and my heart. He feels strongly and deeply. He’s always thinking and wondering. With him I’ve had some of my most favorite conversations (and most hilarious).
He likes to be helpful (when he chooses to be, that is) and loves showing his dad everything that he has learned.
He’s a teacher, always wanting to sharing what he knows with everyone around him (and I do mean everyone). This trait can border on being a know-it-all, but we’re trying to temper that tendency. But he does come from a long line of know-it-alls on both sides of the family. (Jack gets a doubly whammy of stubbornness and Liam gets great self-confidence and verbosity).
He’s not quite at the stage where he self-edits, sometimes much to our chagrin, but I love that he speaks his mind and does wacky things to get a laugh (I would prefer he not shout fart as he’s running off to bed – but what can you do?).
Dear Liam:
There are times you surprise me with your easy going spirit… going off to camp without a worry in the world, never looking back as your ran off with your new friends.
And then there are times when you are strangely hesitant to try new things and take a chance… which can also comfort me, knowing that perhaps you will chose wisely when faced with tough decisions and won’t blindly follow along with the “pack” despite that easy-going spirit. Your brother could use a little more of your caution.
You are 100% into electronics and spending your free time watching a screen of some sort. We’re working on finding the happy balance of what you really want to be doing (Minecraft, watching YouTube videos and Terreria) with what you really should be doing (go outside, already, you love it).
But you will always be my baby and I hope you continue to be as generous with your hugs and your love with both your dad and I in this coming year. And I pray that you start to find the good in having a brother and loving on him, too! I am thankful that you know God and are starting to share our faith – it’s such an honor to field your questions about how the world works and where God comes into play with all that.
You have so much love to give, you will not run out. May you remember that and let love guide you when you have burst of anger and frustration.
We are so proud of you for the huge steps you’ve taken this year with school and learning and have loved seeing you thrive at a new school, making new friends and entertaining your new teacher as much as you have the ones from years past.
Your dad and I hope that you have the happiest of birthdays and the best of days!
Happy birthday, Liam! We love you to the moon and back (times infinity)!


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