Mother May I?

I fear I am turning into my mother… I know everyone says it and perhaps it is inevitable, but it is also a bit scary!

We never ran out of toilet paper growing up. Why? Because my mother had it stockpiled in a cupboard in the basement, my dad counted once and found they had 42 rolls of toilet paper for just the two of them. At the time I thought this was ridiculous because I was just post-college and a few times brought home a roll of toilet paper from work because I ran out at home and wasn’t planning to go to the store before going home (what in my life was so important that I couldn’t stop for toilet paper, I don’t know). But now, I understand. Thanks to Costco and coupons, we might have nearly 100 rolls of toilet paper at our house and I live with three boys. And let’s be honest, boys don’t use a whole lot of toilet paper, so really, that is almost 100 rolls of toilet paper for just myself and guests in our house (want to come over?). But unlike my mom, I will use that up and not continue to buy it when it is on sale and I have a coupon. We’ll ignore the plethora of facial tissues and paper towel I’ve also got tucked away – in my defense, I forgot I had a package of each in the basement the last time Costco had a special. Forgetful and a bargain shopper – yes, I am my mother.

Though I joke, I do think my mom is pretty great. She is selfless (something I could definitely be a little more of) and thoughtful. If you mention you’d like something in passing, don’t be surprised if at Christmas or a birthday, you’ll get that very thing. She’s always cutting articles out of the newspaper or magazines and mailing them to me, along with coupons for things she knows I buy – she pays attention to the details and is always thinking of those she loves. That’s definitely something I’d like to be better at, but something I also think I’ve gotten from her. I just link to things on FB and share things I find on blogs… same sharing, different delivery method. She also came to our house 2-3 days a week for the first year of Liam’s life to babysit him so we didn’t have to put him in full time daycare and she came for a shorter stint after Jack was born but she’s in her 70s and watching two kids is a bit much to do on a regular basis (don’t we all know). I miss having her around, it would be especially nice to have the company in the evenings with Simon working nights. But what a blessing to have at the time.

So I guess it’s all right if I’m turning into my mom – I’d do well to take all her good traits and add some of my own. But I do need to do something about my bulk buying habit.

Grandma Donna and Jackers – they both think each other is pretty great!

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5 responses to “Mother May I?

  1. I see my mom every time I look in the rear view mirror. I look and there’s Willie looking right back at me.

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