I started my blog 18 months ago but for the first bit, didn’t tell anyone about it because I wanted to make sure it would stick and I wanted to find my voice a little bit before I shouted it out to my circle of people. Then at Christmas I put the URL on our Christmas card (no going back then) and started sharing links of FB (which still feels a little squiggy, but you can choose not to click through or just ignore me completely – I’ll never know) so there was no going back. I love writing, it’s a great outlet for me and I enjoy entertaining people, but I don’t write to entertain, I write for me (and I am apparently easily entertained). It’s free therapy, even when it’s silly stuff like about things I think while watching the Olympics, or self-indulgent birthday wishes to my kiddo who can’t read all the words yet. I love, love, love that someday, my kids will get to read these posts and learn more about their mom as a person instead of just their mom – what a (hopefully) great gift of insight for them.

I was looking at my stats page, wondering what my most popular posts have been (for the record, the winners are: Working Girl because of my reference to both Skidz pants and hypercolor clothing; Things I Love: Cake because of the Lightning McQueen buttercream transfer; and Perfectly Imperfect because it might have the most of my heart in it. And then I wondered what my least-viewed posts were and after looking at a couple, I wanted to re-share (pretty sure that’s not a word, sorry) them here for various reasons… maybe you’ll find something you like but missed and hopefully you don’t find that overly indulgent of me.


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