Favorite Finds – 4/16/11

Here are MY favorite finds from around the web:

Crafts I’d like to try:

Recipes I’d like to try:

Things I’d like to buy:

  • There’s something about these glass plastic bags that are utterly perfect (spotted at Tangled and True)
  • Any of this artwork for my boys’ rooms
  • Could these be my perfect shoe?
  • These adorably packaged chocolate covered espresso beans (spied on Design Sponge)
  • This really should be filed under, things I’ve bought and you should, too: Matt Logelin’s book Two Kissed For Maddy (disclaimer: you will read this and cry, because it is about his wife dying the day after giving birth to their daughter and how he went on from there as a single parent; I cannot even imagine)

Posts I liked and I’ll tell you why…

  • These birth announcements from parcelpost are simply adorable, almost worth having another child so I can use the idea – almost (spotted at Tangled and True)
  • My house needs more greenery since right now it’s pretty confined to the eating area in our kitchen – thanks for the inspirtion, Sandy!
  • My son is also turning into a bit of a lying liar (but really, I love everything that Emily writes)
  • I wholeheartedly agree with this post – I don’t see the point in keeping kids from doing something fun for fear they will get hurt, especially since kids get hurt doing normal things (Liam has a scar on his chin from a leaning too hard on a toy and having it slip across the floor causing him to fall and hit his chin on that toy). The last paragraph is my favorite part.

New to me blogs:

  • I think this site could help me be a more creative parent: Modern Parents Messy Kids (or at least give me fodder for wanting to be more creative
  • Not *exactly* new to me, but this blog fell of my radar for a while when I switched blog readers: Sweet Juniper
  • I borrowed her Five Question Friday questions from Sandy’s blog but now that I have found her, I think she’s great: My Little Life, Five Crooked Halos
  • What a fantastic idea for a blog… got a gripe? She’s got a way for you to get your revenge: Ya Don’t Say

8 responses to “Favorite Finds – 4/16/11

  1. Can I borrow that book from you?? I’ve read his blog a few times and I could use a good cry!

  2. Can I borrow it after Jonna? Please, pretty please? Thanks for the shout outs! Don’t think I’m too inspriational yet….I’ve only had the plants for 2 weeks now, and the only reason I remember to water them is that the one on my coffee table wilts easily when dry. Then Dave snarkily reminds me to water them, and I run around in a huff until all soil is wet. So, once my husband is in a better (i.e. less snarky) mood, the fate of the greenery will be questionable at best. 🙂

    • You’re on the book loan list… Simon laughed at me when I told him about the book… he can’t understand why on earth I would want to read a book that will make me cry. 🙂 men…
      The fact that you have plants is inspiration enough. The five I have are all in one area of one room, three of them purchased by my mother 🙂 Put a reminder on your email calendar. This is what I’ve started doing for everything and it’s so handy. (and also sad I’m thrilled about using a calendar reminder to remember to-do things).

      • Oh…our husbands have that in common. I read that book “Let’s Roll” by Lisa Beamer after 911, and D. could NOT figure out why I would want to read a book when I know how it ends (and moreso that it ended “badly”). Oh….was I bawling. He just shook his head at me. 🙂

      • When I was pregnant with Jack, I watched the special on the professor (Randy Pausch) who was dying of cancer and gave talk called the Last Lecture about life lessons – I was bawling during the intro but would not turn the TV off – Simon had to leave the room 😉

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