Unslumped… maybe?

I’m feeling more like my old self again and though there isn’t one thing that helped make the change, I think it was a combination of the following things:

  • vacation – nothing like almost two weeks away from work to give you a breather; I’m not dreading Mondays every Sunday night
  • starting a new, I hesitate to use the word diet, but way of eating
  • working on finding my voice and nurturing my interests with this blog
  • my kids being slightly older and playing together just a little bit more, though I still say, “Stop hitting/poking/touching/pushing/headlocking/
    ninja-ing/tackling/kicking your brother” at least 10 times a day
  • rediscovering my love for reading and actually enjoying books instead of television shows in the evening
  • quality time with friends – I forget each year that the time from mid-November through April is almost always difficult for me when it comes to getting to spend quality time with my friends and I need that time to feel like me and I miss them so much when I don’t get it. Actually, I feel like we’re not friends anymore because so much time goes by without getting together – but it’s the same every year and then April comes and the holidays are over, the snow has stopped (usually) and normal life returns. I love my girl time.
  • Being more intentional about letting people know I appreciate them or am thinking about them – I know I always appreciate the extra encouragement, but I love how good it makes me feel to be the one sending it along to others.
  • date nights with the hubs – I love getting away just the two of us; even if just for dinner and a movie, spending time together apart from our kids is the best thing

3 responses to “Unslumped… maybe?

  1. So glad for the girl time coming up next week, and then 2 weeks later, and then family fun day 2 weeks after that!

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