Five Question Friday…

1. What is your favorite Easter tradition?
I love Easter egg hunts. With my kids we do them with the plastic eggs out in the yard but when I was growing up, my parents would hide all the easter eggs we had dyed around the house. And on Easter morning I would  get to search all over the main floor of the house until I found them all, getting hot/cold tips from my parents. I used to beg them to hide them over again so I could search again.  
2. Are you a “shower” or a “long, hot bath” kind of person?
If the long, hot bath is in a large whirlpool tub – then that’s what I’d go with but otherwise I am a shower girl all the way. Baths cool off too fast and are never as awesome as I think they are going to be. Plus you can’t wash your hair in the tub and the water always ends of sort of gray looking and ehhh-ish. But a hot shower – lovely – the only bad part is if you use up all the hot water.
3. Can you parallel park and if so when is the last time you did it?
Sort of – sometimes I hit it on the first try and look like a parallel-parking pro, but most of the time I end up going back and forth multiple times. Though I am pretty consistent with a small car, problem is we now own a minivan and a SUV – not so much on the tiny side. The last time I parallel parked was yesterday, in the minivan while stopping to get coffee… only took me three tries back and forth and I was talking on my cell phone while it was sort of snowing (Michigan in April – FTW). I am a brilliant multitasker (and so humble).
4. What is your favorite Easter candy?
Cadbury Creme Eggs – without a doubt. If they are fresh, I could eat the whole four-pack. The saddest thing is when they are too dried out in the center (yes, the very saddest thing).
5. Easter: do you go all out with the Easter Bunny or focus on the religious part of the holiday?
We definitely don’t go all out with the Easter bunny – we don’t visit it at the mall – but there is an Easter basket waiting in the morning for the kids. But we really don’t talk about it ahead of time – that just sort of shows up. Instead we talk about the reason for Easter and how it’s like Christmas in that we are celebrating something about Jesus and why it’s important. I bought books this year for the kids that tell the Easter story on their level. I think it’s possible to find a balance with the real meaning and something we do to celebrate the holiday – I’ll wait a few more years to answer the hard questions about why these two very different and unrelated things go together.


6 responses to “Five Question Friday…

  1. Cadbury Cream Eggs-my favorite. Darin has been bringing me an egg about once a week. I love that man. I open the fridge and there it is, sitting next to the yogurt. mmm

  2. Wow- you are a multitasking pro! Consider me impressed!

    Easter egg hunts! They are so much fun! My (extended) family used to do ADULT egg hunts on their 14 acres of property. We ran, pushed, pulled, shoved, got so so muddy (there’s a creek on the property too…and a barn…and 3 rusty cars). Then, there was a gift hidden in a brown paper sack with our names on it. The person at the end with the most eggs got to have the big prize on top of the sacky prize. The big prize was often worth it. (like ipods or something big). The year I won it? dish towels.

    • Awesome idea for an adult egg hunt – I feel like this is something we should reinstate for grown ups we know… of course we’d have to figure out something to do with the children… That is a true bummer about the dish towels 🙂

  3. Totally in agreement about the ehhh-ish-ness of baths… and I must tell you that I am actually eating a Cadbury egg at this moment- thankfully, it is a fresh one, as I also agree with you that the dry Cadbury egg center is the WORST!

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