Random List

  1. In the evenings, whenever I hear a car slowing down outside, I think maybe my husband is coming home early (he works until 11 p.m., M-F; please don’t come kill me, we have a large, vicious dog) and almost every time, it’s not him. Sad times.
  2. We stopped to get $2 kid’s meals at Wendy’s tonight and after I finished our order and said, “Thank you,” Jack yelled from the backseat, “I love you!” When we pulled up, the guy working the drive-thru window gave me this funny little smile. Thankfully, Jack repeated the phrase – wouldn’t want the drive-thru guy thinking I was declaring my feelings for him.
  3. I went through my closet and dresser to cull out the old stuff and stuff I’ve never wear, even if it fits again, and I ended up with three garbage bags for donation plus a small shopping bag for the trash. Why was I saving these things?
  4. My husband never rarely takes two extra steps and moves his empty pop cans from the counter to the bag we collect them in that’s hanging behind our kitchen door. Why? I’ve decided that instead of being mad about this, I will choose to take that moment when I see the empty can to pray for him.
  5. I have a tendency to take my shoes off and leave them in random places around the house. Currently there is a pair next to the stove, in the living room next to the couch, in Liam’s room next to his bed and another by the back door. My shoes do not “live” in these places… I can see how this drives my husband crazy… perhaps he will choose to pray for me when he sees them.
  6. Liam’s school musical program is tomorrow, I’m curious about what they will be singing since he’s been singing a version of “This Little Light of Mine” in the car but it’s not a Christian preschool. I’ll let you know how it goes.
  7. I love my roses from my anniversary – I wish I always had fresh flowers in the house because they make me happy. Plus, it’s expected they will die so there’s no pressure to keep them alive, unlike the house plants I have that I forget to water.
  8. It’s a MOPS week – happy day!
  9. Garlic scapes are delicious and have a super short season of availability – if you see them at a farmer’s market, get them and make pesto (garlic scapes, basil, parmesan, salt, olive oil, roasted almonds/toasted pine nuts [optional] – use whatever proportions seem good to you – throw in a food processor, adding olive oil while you are blending and enjoy over pasta or instead of sauce on pizza – freezes great, flattened in a gallon-sized resealable bag; end of super-long parenthetical). Also, share this pesto with me, I will be your friend forever.
  10. Jack is going to be the death of me, today* he: a) crawled backwards down a muddy hill, b) brought me the tub of margarine with the lid off and his hand coated, c) spilled Liam’s glass of milk and squirted his applesauce across the table at dinner, d) climbed out of his buckled shopping cart seat at Meijer, e) climbed into the great lakes feature at Meijer Gardens, f) climbed into the fridge and tried to shut the door and g) is currently still awake 90 minutes after I put him to bed. But he is cute and asks to be picked up by saying, “Come here” and holding up his arms and when you do put him to bed, he asks to be covered by every blanket in his crib and says, “Tuck-a you in.”
*And by “today” I mean yesterday – I wrote this last night 🙂

6 responses to “Random List

  1. Seriously, so glad you blog. I hope that when I am gone and you have GNO’s that you will take the time to write about them in just this style. You crack me up and I want to remember all my girls with lots of laughs!!
    The pop can thing and shoe thing-I am sure I have some things that I could stop nagging Darin about and pray instead and he would say the same. Ah, mawwige.

    • We do have lots of laughs – we should Skype you in sometime… we’ll have to figure out the logistics of that, but I just did it with two friends in Florida the other night and it was great! Simon and I have also exchanged “things” like: He will fold up the bathroom handtowel instead of wadding it up and I will push the silverware drawer all the way in – nitpicky things that each drives the other one crazy so we both make an effort to not do them – even exchange 🙂

  2. Love this list!!! Seriously, Jack is the cutest thing! Why does God make all the crazy kids the cutest?!?!? (probably so mommies don’t kill them) I love the prayer idea! I will have to find a crazy habit of D’s to pray about. Love that we are both cleaning out our closets! Seriously, kindred spirits! Crazy kinda. But fun. 🙂

    • Our closet was the last one to be cleaned – it was on my list of resolutions. Of course, now the other closets could use some touching up 🙂 God definitely makes the crazy kids cute so their mothers love them even more – it’s a survival strategy.

  3. You’re hilarious and I love you. That’s all! (Oh- and don’t get me started on how Joel walks our recyclables across the family room to the closet where they belong, but then leaves them sitting on the ledge TWO STEPS away from the actual closet. Of course, he’s also been outside playing with our kids for the last two hours while I get stuff done inside- so I suppose there are some things I could choose to overlook…)

    • It’s those little quirks that really get to me – making it oh so easy to forget all the good 🙂 But I did get tickets to Sara Barielles for Mother’s Day so that’s a win! Whoot!

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