Things that would be bad Mother’s Day gifts

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I want something fancy (a card and/or flowers will do me just fine) but there are certain gifts that are simply not OK for Mother’s Day.

  • A collection of boogers (Liam, I’m looking at you)
  • A vacuum (unless you are my mother who loves vacuums and owns at least 20 cleaning devices) or any other cleaning product unless it is cleaning services to be performed by someone else
  • A membership to anywhere she will be expected to take her children (this sounds awful since Mother’s Day is about being a mother, but trust me, this would be more well-received as a “I was thinking about you” gift on another random day; at least for me but maybe I am an anomaly)
  • A photo frame with the image of the models still in it, if you are going to give a mother a frame, put a picture of her kid(s) in it
  • Decaf coffee
  • Lingerie
  • IHOP or Denny’s gift cards (unless she is pregnant and craving food from one of those places; if she is pregnant, then all bets are off and you will get her anything she wants)
  • Fat-free anything
  • Anti-wrinkle anything (though a gift certificate for a spa where they offer skin rejuvenation services is totally acceptable)
  • A magazine subscription to Sports Illustrated
  • Clothing from a second-hand store
  • Something purchased at a gas station or airport gift shop, especially if it looks like a tourist gift (this can be tricky, there are some nice(r) stores in airports, but in general, avoid these stores)
  • Toiletries from a hotel or makeup samples from a department store – unless those are hints that you are taking her on vacation or a shopping spree

8 responses to “Things that would be bad Mother’s Day gifts

  1. These made me laugh! And Brian read over my shoulder, so hopefully he takes the hints and produces a thoughtful gift for me this year!

  2. In my little corner of the world, a space vacuum cleaner would be the most perfect gift. I have a hex on vacuum cleaners. I break them. All the time. <– that's me!

  3. I am like your mom in the cleaning thing area. I would LOVE to have the gift of a dyson. AND I would LOVE some gourmet decaf coffee (but I’m caffiene free…so that counts IF he paid attention to the fact that I don’t drink regular coffee). Hmmmm, wonder what the boys will end up with!

    • Bless you and your caffiene free-edness. I do wish I could do that, but one thing at a time 🙂 Now a dyson, that I would love, but I think Simon would use it more than me so definitely a joint gift for each other 🙂

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