Music Monday

The Billboard Music Awards were on last night – I missed most of them, not a huge bummer because what I did see was less than stellar. I applaud the singers for not lipsyncing, but the sound and mixing were awful so everyone sounded pretty bad. And why, oh why, is Snoop Dog still popular? He’s a dirty old(ish) man with little-to-no skill, who wears his hair in braided pigtails. Ahhh, welll… here’s some music that sounds much better.

Come On Get Higher | Matt Nathanson

I’d Rather Be With You | Josh Radin

The Way I Am | Ingrid Michaelson

Loving You Tonight | Andrew Allen


2 responses to “Music Monday

  1. i LOVE andrew allen. and joshua radin. and i actually saw andrew allen at a josh radin concert. and i love you and i’m really sorry you get shit on so much. (sorry, i couldn’t help it.)

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